10 Easy And Vegan Meals For Infants

Within the past few years, many parents have chosen a vegan diet for their infants. With the ability to gain valuable nutrients through legumes, vegetables and fruits, there are many options when deciding what to feed your baby in the first few months of their introductory diet.

Many parents and guardians are recommended to give their babies one type of food for a consecutive amount of days before introducing the next type. Plant-based foods tend to be a top choice as they are simple and easy to prepare.

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But what happens when we are ready to prepare a more complex dish? Look no further as we have collected our top 10 easy and vegan recipes, tried and true, that your Vegan Baby will surely love.

10 Banana Pancakes

Whether you are baby-led-weaning or sticking with purees for the first few months, this go-to recipe will be your saving grace when you are short on time and creativity. All you need are two flaxseed eggs and one large banana.

In a bowl, mush the two flaxseed eggs and banana together until there are no lumps. Fry them in a lightly oiled pan, in preferred shape and size. Serve warm and enjoy watching your little one eat…them…up!


You are going to want to pull that slow cooker out of that dusty closet for this winning meal! Not only will your infant love the flavor this soup produces, but the whole family will enjoy it.

First, in a slow cooker, add 2 cloves of garlic, half a chopped, white onion, 2 heads of chopped broccoli, 1 large chopped carrot and a handful of spinach.

Secondly, to those vegetables add 2 cups of vegetable stock, 1 cup of (unsweetened) nut milk, 2 tablespoons of OVO, and ½ cup of coconut milk. Then sprinkle a palm full of nutritional yeast and 2 tablespoons of whole grain flour to your mixture.

Set the slow cooker on low for 6-8 hours, blend half way through with hand mixer, and enjoy the savory aroma that fills your home. The baby, and family, will be asking for seconds!


This is an incredibly easy and tasty meal that your baby will be able to enjoy once they have mastered their pincher-grip.

Packed with proteins, fiber, vitamins and minerals, quinoa is a solid, gluten-free choice that will have their tummies full in no time!

After you have rinsed your raw quinoa with cool water, boil the desired amount in vegetable broth rather than water. Just like rice, if you are making 1 cup of quinoa, it will be 2 cups vegetable broth. Fluff with a fork until it has soaked up all liquid. Add frozen, green peas and serve warm. How easy was that?


Grab your blender (or food processor). You are about to experience the go-to breakfast for every parent who is saving time, money and energy to prepare those early morning meals. These Banana Bites have a shelf life of a week… if they last…

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You will need ½ cup of pitted dates, 2 large bananas, 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract and ¼ cup of coconut oil, blended. To that gooey mixture, you will then add 2 cups of instant oats, ¼ teaspoon of salt, 1 teaspoon of baking powder and 1 teaspoon of cinnamon.

Get your hands messy by mixing this well together and forming bite-sized balls. Bake them at 350 for 15 min, or until slightly brown. Let cool before allowing your baby to munch away. Breakfast (and snack), served!


Who doesn’t love a good waffle? Your baby will be happy and (most importantly) full with this easy and healthy waffle mixture.

Combine 2 cups of desired flour, 4 teaspoons baking powder and a pinch of salt into a mixing bowl. Stir well until dry ingredients are mixed together. In a separate bowl, add 6 tablespoons of flax seed egg, 1 ¾ cups nut milk, 1 teaspoon vanilla and ¼ vegetable oil and mix well.

Combine both dry and wet ingredients until the batter has a smooth consistency. Cook in your waffle maker, break into small pieces and serve warm.


When vegan, black beans will soon become your best friend (next to hummus). Soon, your baby will too learn how versatile this legume truly is.

With the desired amount of cooked rice, add 1 can of black beans with 1-3 tablespoons of sesame oil and salt for flavor. It is as easy as that.


Speaking of hummus, to add some substance to an all-time-favorite vegan staple, bring 1 large sweet potato to a boil. When a fork can comfortably pierce the vegetable, rinse with cool water.

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In a blender, add 1 can of chickpeas, 2 cloves of garlic, 2 tablespoons OVO and 2 teaspoons of tahini. Add the cooled sweet potato and blend until smooth. Add salt to taste. Serve infant (and yourself) by the spoonful.


Whether it's breakfast, lunch or dinner, sometimes a bowl of hearty oats can bring so much comfort into your day! Steel-cut oats contain an incredible amount of vitamin b-6, iron, thiamine, vitamin A, riboflavin, calcium, and magnesium.

The best part about preparing your steel cut oats is the opportunity to layer as few or as many fruits and nuts your baby will love. Ideas include mushed up banana, blended dates, halved blueberries and more! Sprinkle some coconut shavings and maple syrup to add iron and sweetness. Delish!


When you find your go-to coconut kefir to replace yogurt, your whole world opens! Whether it’s store-bought or homemade, adding chia seed adds a bit of crunch along with the Omega-3-Fatty Acids we want our babies to consume for healthy brain development.

By mixing in 2-4 tablespoons of chia seed into your baby’s kefir, ensure you let it sit in the fridge for at least half an hour. The chia will expand and become easier to digest. Blend in desired fruit for sweetness and taste. Serve with a spoon and be prepared for a little hand gesturing for more.


I know you all saw this one coming. It is a classic! A classic that even your baby will absolutely adore.

Cut a squash in half. With a large spoon, scoop seeds into compost. Preheat the oven to 450, drizzle OVO over open-facing squash and cook until brown.

Once cooked (roughly 35-35 minutes), take a fork and run along vegetable meat to produce noodle-like shapes. Chop into small pieces for your baby. Sprinkle your nutritional yeast on top for some added B vitamins. Eat up, baby!


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