5 Reasons To Eat The Placenta (& 5 Reasons To Pass On It)

It seems that eating their placenta is something that lots of mothers are choosing to do these days. There are actually lots of celebrities that seem pretty proud to admit that they ate it after having their children.

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Kourtney and Kim Kardashian are two mothers who have done this in the past, and they have seemed very happy with their choice. Another famous mom that did this was January Jones, and she has been really vocal about the fact that she supports other women who want to do it. But there are drawbacks. Here are some reasons why moms should do it, and some reasons why they should not.

10 Eat It: It Can Help Women Even Out Their Hormones

Many women do this because they believe that it will lower their chances of dealing with post-partum depression. This is serious, and moms usually try everything they can to avoid it.

A woman’s hormones can be like an emotional roller-coaster after she gives birth to a child, and that is why many ladies get depressed during that time. Some believe that the placenta can make a woman’s chances of having to deal with this after birth much lower than they might be otherwise. But on the other hand, there are some people who do not think this is true. It seems that this is something that is still unclear.

9 Avoid It: It Has To Be Stored A Certain Way

Just like anything else people consume, the placenta needs to be stored a certain way, and that cannot change. If it is not stored properly, those who choose to eat it could possibly be putting themselves in some serious danger.

Unless a woman knows exactly how to store her placenta and she chooses to take care of the entire process herself, this can get dangerous. Usually, moms have to rely on other people to do it, which means that she has to be able to trust that the other person will handle it properly. People are not always reliable, so this is not a good decision.

8 Eat It: Placenta Pills Might Help Milk Supply

Though some people do not think that this is the case, there are some moms who believe that their milk supply was aided because they chose to eat their placenta. Low-milk supply is something that new mothers tend to worry about a lot, so that is why many women are choosing to do it.

One mother who ate hers claimed that she noticed an increase in the milk her body was producing for her child within a day or two, which is something many moms would be happy about. But the reason why some people think that this is the case is unclear.

7 Avoid It: It Could Cause An Infection

Eating things like this can actually cause anyone who ingests it to become sick with some type of infection, which is something everyone should try to avoid. While there are not many things that provide support for the theory that eating a placenta is helpful, there are actually plenty of things that suggest the whole thing can be very harmful.

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There are various things that can be transferred through the placenta, including the zika virus, as well as E. coli. It seems that there are plenty of medical professionals who are trying to warn women not to do this, and this is one of the reasons why.

6 Eat It: A Mom Might Have A Better Mood

Baby blues are a totally different thing than post-partum depression, but it turns out that some people are under the impression that eating the placenta can help women with both of those things. Another benefit that some mothers have reported when it comes to eating their placentas after having given birth is an increase in iron.

Some of them also claimed that they had a much easier time getting back into shape after their babies were born than they would have had if they did not eat their placentas. It is possible that they are wrong, but these benefits seem pretty great.

5 Avoid It: Moms Might Not Get The Benefits From It, Depending On How They Prepare It

Much like other things people eat, the placenta can be ingested in multiple ways, but moms might not always get benefits from it, if there really are any to get in the first place. Those who put placentas in food can do so in a number of ways.

Moms can actually consume their placentas by drinking it in a smoothie. They can also put into pill form, or they can eat it in lasagna. But how they choose to do it can actually stop them from enjoying the possible benefits. It can certainly make the potential benefits much less effective.

4 Eat It: It Might Help With Pain Relief

Those who are big advocates for this kind of thing believe that it can actually help moms deal with pain. Childbirth is one of the most painful things a person can experience, but women also tend to have some pain after the birth has taken place as well, and that is where the placenta comes in.

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One study that was done on rats a while ago suggested that those who ingest their placenta have quite a high threshold for pain in comparison to those who do not. But the only problem is no one has tested this out on humans yet.

3 Avoid It: It Could Be Harmful To The Baby If Mom Breastfeeds

Ladies can experience some seriously harmful things if they choose to ingest their placenta after they have had a baby, but they are actually not the only ones who could be affected by their decision to eat it. Moms who nurse their children have to be very careful about what they put into their bodies, as it can be passed down to their children, which can cause some health issues for the little ones.

That is no different when it comes to the placenta. It can harm mothers in a number of ways, and if it’s not good for them, it could also harm their babies as well, if they breastfeed.

2 Eat It: It Allows Moms To Control What Happens To A Part Of Their Body

For many people, maintaining some control over what happens to their bodies is a huge thing, and they want to have as much control over it as possible. If a woman decides to eat the placenta that was created when she carried her child, then that is entirely up to her.

It might even give more of a sense of control over what goes on with her body after the baby comes out. If there is one thing moms definitely cannot predict, it is what their body will go through after the child is born. So having at least one thing that they can control is probably nice for them.

1 Avoid It: Some Ladies Have Claimed That There Are Side Effects

Much like everything else, many moms have noticed that there are some side effects one might experience after they have eaten their placenta. Some of them are probably good, but many can be rather unpleasant. Some of the side effects that new moms might deal with after doing something like this include increased contractions, as well as some anxiety, which is definitely something a new mother probably already has enough of.

Another thing that could be an issue for a woman if she decides to do this is going to the bathroom. Human bodies are not exactly used to consuming their own placentas, so it could make things like that more difficult.

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