8 Beans

I actually love beans – I find them delicious, but afterwards…there’s an unavoidable ending. “Excuse me.” Or the blushing that makes it obvious that you are the culprit.

Beans make you gassy – it’s a fact of life. While there are ways to reduce the gas you emit,

it often requires preparation differences (which you can’t always control when eating out). Ordering beans for dinner in a restaurant might be a bad choice – especially if you are spending some time in close quarters afterwards (a car, a movie theatre, even a living room). You’ll constantly be reminded of your dinner choice – and so will your guest, which can be rather embarrassing. (This is where it helps to have a pet you can blame it on – which only works when you’re silently passing gas.)

It’s not just the gas. Your stomach might feel unsettled after the beans, and rumbling and strange noises can be uncomfortable, unpleasant, and distracting. You’re getting to know a potential partner – and you want to feel at your best. You want to be thinking about conversation, not about the noises from your abdominal region.

You dinner might make you gassy

So when browsing the menu, try to order something without beans. Certain cuisine choices have more beans than others, like Mexican and Indian, so think carefully before selecting a restaurant.

Don’t forget about “hidden” beans. Many people forget that hummus is actually made of chickpeas, and eating a lot of hummus, even though it’s been pureed, may result in quite a bit of gas. A little bit of hummus in a wrap or on a sandwich won’t cause much of a difference – but if you’re hoping things get romantic tonight, you might want to steer away from the hummus.

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