Eight-Year-Old German Boy Stopped By Police Going 87 MPH On Highway

An eight-year-old boy stole his mom’s car to go on an 87-mph joyride. The little boy just loves cars, and he didn’t quite understand the dangers of taking their family car out for a spin at night. Thankfully, he didn’t get hurt, but he may have gotten into a lot of trouble.

When we’re kids, we are usually intrigued by a certain subject. Some love cars, other kids want to know all the species of animals, and some may even have a passion for plants. Learning about all the different kinds of cars, for example, is exciting and brain-stimulating at that age. Usually, following the hobby doesn’t harm others. The line is drawn, however, when the kids put themselves or others in danger.

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The local police were alerted by a frantic mother’s call at 12:23 a.m. She told them that her eight-year-old son had stolen her VW Golf and disappeared into the night. Concerned for both his and other civilians’ safety, the police set out to find the stolen car as soon as possible.

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The car was found parked at a motorway service on the A44 highway. He was near Soest in Germany, about five miles from his home. The child managed to drive on the autobahn at around 87-mph. When questioned by the police, he told them he just wanted to drive a little bit. He stopped at the motorway because he no longer felt comfortable driving down that road. The police had a long conversation with him about the dangers posed by his actions, and once he understood, they pressed no charges.

The boy was known to love cars. He would regularly go karting and loved to drive bumper cars. On occasion, he would drive a car on private property. While his passions shouldn’t be stopped, the boy needs to be supervised when he wishes to drive. Despite his experience, a young child driving on the road is still a hazard. Now that he understands the potential consequences of his actions, perhaps this little boy will think twice before suddenly hitting the road again at midnight.

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