10 Clever Elf On The Shelf Ideas You'll Want To Recreate

The Elf on the Shelf is a Christmas tradition. A scout is sent out to homes from the North Pole to make sure that children behave. Every kid wants to avoid being on Santa’s naughty list and this encourages children to obey their parents.

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There are two rules. One is that no one can touch the elf. The second rule is that the elf leaves every night to report the kid’s conduct to Santa and returns the next day in a new pose. This is where parents can be creative. Please enjoy this list of 10 Clever Elf On The Shelf Ideas You'll Want To Recreate.

10 Off To The Races

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If you’ve decided to make the Elf on the Shelf part of your family’s Christmas traditions then you will have so much fun setting up the first pose on this list. A cute idea would be to make your elf participate in a sack race.

The set up is pretty simple. You will have to borrow some of your little one’s toys to create other contestants in the race. Slide each character into a baby sock for the sacks. Make a set of bleachers with a stack of books for toy spectators to sit on. Finally, be sure to add a judge and a candy cane finish line.

9 Sugar Crash

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Sometimes it can be exciting to put your elf in silly and unexpected positions. Your kids will crack up when they discover that their elf was caught after eating too much candy. This is one of those poses that packs a serious punch for very little effort or cash.

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The only thing you’ll need is a large bag of M&M’s. Tear open an end of the bag and slide your elf’s head into the bag, face down. Scatter a few M&M’s on the counter around him and it will appear that he passed out in the midst of a sugar coma.

8 Gone Fishin'

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This next pose would be perfect for a family that loves to spend time together outdoors. Your children will smile when they see their elf pretending to fish. This easy idea only takes a few accessories and doesn’t cost much money to recreate. Which we know will make mom and dad happy.

All you need is a small clear vase, Goldfish crackers, and a tiny fishing pole. Set your elf on the kitchen counter with his legs outstretched to make it look like he’s fishing for the crackers. Don’t forget to create a small sign with magic markers that says “Gone Fishing”.

7 Snow Angel

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Rather it’s your baby’s first Christmas or you've celebrated many years as a family, the Elf on the Shelf is a wonderful way to celebrate the holiday. Your kids will be delighted to discover that their elf had a little bit of fun during a snowstorm.

Another genius idea that takes very little effort or time is to create snow angels with your elf. All that you need is a cookie sheet and flour. Pour the flour over the sheet and lay your elf down on his back. Flap his arms and legs to create a “snow angel”. You can even write a clever message in the “snow”.

6 Tied Up

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Parents of older children will want to tackle this edgy pose for their elf. Your kids will think that it’s hilarious to see him in such a funny predicament after being tied up by other toys. It may be a bit off-the-wall but who doesn’t love a dark sense of humor?

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The only supplies you will need are a large Lego base, Lego pegs, a handful of characters, and a piece of red string. Tie your elf up, using the pegs to hold down the string, then make it look like the characters are the ones that tied him up.

5 Making S'mores

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The Christmas season is all about sweet treats so this next pose is a tasty option. Your kids will love to see their elf be so active when they discover that he climbed onto the fireplace hearth to make S’mores over the fire.

Simply grab a toothpick, graham crackers, chocolate, and a marshmallow to create a tiny S’more. Pierce it with the toothpick to make it look like your elf is all ready to hold it over the fire. You could even have a plate of human-sized S’mores prepared to your little ones can share a treat with their elf.

4 Coloring Fun

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If your children are budding artists then they will get a kick out seeing their elf coloring in an activity book. It can also be enriching for them to know that their elf shares an interest in the same talents. They will feel an instant connection with him.

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This is another option that calls for only a few accessories that you probably already have around the house. All that you need is a jar filled with crayons and a coloring book. Open up the coloring book, scribble some color onto a page, and place a crayon in your elf’s hand.

3 Pancake Breakfast

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Your elf can transform into a chef as he greets your children with a pancake breakfast. This would be a festive idea to use on Christmas morning if you had pancakes prepared to eat as a family. The smell of maple syrup and butter will fill the air.

Just grab the condiments from your refrigerator and set them up around your elf on the counter. Be sure to make a plate of miniature pancakes for your elf to present to the kids. You could even put a little chef hat on his head. This is a yummy and fun pose that everyone will enjoy.

2 Working Out

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Another cute idea would be to have your elf work out in a gym made of candy. Your children will get a kick out of watching him bench press some seriously sweet weights. This pose is not only adorable but would be super easy to recreate. All you need is candy canes and cookie mix.

Simply make a bench out of candy canes and a barbell with two tiny Christmas cookies suspended between a candy cane. Place your elf face up on the bench, and put the candy barbells in his hands to make it look like he’s doing repetitions.

1 A Wild Ride

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Thrill-seekers will totally be enthralled by the last pose on this list. Why not make your elf go on a wild ride with some friends? Your little ones will be so excited to discover that their elf crawled into the dryer to go for a spin.

You will need to borrow some Barbies from your daughter or a friend’s daughter to pull this position off. Grab some tape, place the toys in the dryer, tape them down, and place their arms in the air as if they are enjoying the ride. This is such a fun and easy idea.

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