Ellie Kemper & Husband Michael Koman Have Welcomed Baby Number 2!

Ellie Kemper and Michael Koman welcomed their second baby on September 5.

The Office star, Ellie Kemper shared a shocking photo on Instagram. The actress is smiling in the camera. She is wearing a baby carrier on her chest. All we can see is the back of a baby head. All we can see is brown hair and it is so cute. Kemper captions the post saying that it is her son's one month birthday. She goes on to say that her son inherited his dad's brown hair and that he loves to be carried around in a baby sling. She then says that her son is such a good boy. We suspected that Kemper had delivered her son, but it had not been officially announced. This is the first picture we have seen with her new baby.

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Kemper and her husband Michael Koman welcomed their son on September 5. The actress shared she was pregnant back in May. She didn't announce in an adorable way, nor was she planning on sharing the news at the time that she did. She was on Jimmy Kimmel and he called her out for missing a party that he threw. He was wondering why she did not make it to his party. She shared that she didn't want to tell anybody but there is a reason that she missed his party. She said that she is so sorry for missing his party but she is pregnant. She said that she was extremely sick during his party and she didn't want to go to his party when she felt so terrible. She then went on to explain that she missed a lot of things due to her pregnancy.

The couple got married in 2012. They had their first child, James, in 2016. He is now three years old. Kemper announced the pregnancy of her first child when she was on The Tonight Show with Jimmy FallonShe is always quick to gush and brag about her son James. She explains how her son is a genius. She said that her son has started to master a whole bunch of words and he has learned how to mimic and imitate words that she says. She said that he is so impressive. She shares that he is the smartest person on the plant.

We are so happy for you on the new baby! Congratulations on baby number two! We hope that everything is going well and that the little boy is perfect and healthy!

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