Ladies, we know it must be true that our men do feel a little helpless in the delivery room as they watch from the sidelines. You’ve got to admit, it has to be tough and terrifying watching us deal with the stages of labor. Men really have no idea how

to determine if we are indeed in labor, (it’s kind of a mystery to all of us) and they know that the decision to go to the hospital ultimately has to come from us.

Once there, they can only stand beside us, trying to coach as best they can and basically can only watch the entire event take place. That’s kind of how the last nine months have gone, if you think about it. Your husband has only been able to stand aside and watch your body go through the miraculous changes that come from carrying a child.

He hates seeing you in pain and doesn't know what he should do

It is a good idea to communicate your labor plan to your husband before you are in the middle of the event; as much as hubby wants to be your advocate, he needs some guidelines to go on. For instance, if your birth plan says no pain meds, but you have decided to go with an epidural so you can rest a bit during a long labor, hubby needs to be aware that you are open to possible changes in advance so he can convey your wishes to your care team.

Give dad guidelines - that way the helplessness will give way to helpfulness which in turn, benefits you both.

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