Enrique And Anna Share Photos Of Twins In Adorable Insta Pics

Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova recently shared photos of their twins. They used Instagram to introduce their son and daughter to the world with the most darling pictures.

The very private couple welcomed Nicholas and Lucy in December, shocking their fans. It was not common knowledge they were expecting their first children. In a very unusual but completely adorable move, Iglesias and Kournikova used Instagram to give a special shout out to their children.

My Sunshine

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Both parents got the privilege of introducing one of their twins on their respective social media accounts. However, in keeping with the couple’s love of privacy, they did not reveal whether it was Nicholas or Lucy in the photos. Each child is wearing a neutral color as to not give away the gender, a very smart move by the first time parents.

Kournikova’s snuggles up to one of the little cuties, as she kisses his or her little face. The bundle of joy almost looks as though there is a smile on his or her face. Iglesias lies next to the other twin who is peacefully sleeping, as the new dad wearing a hoodie to cover most of his head stares lovingly at the baby. Both used the same caption in their different posts - “My Sunshine.”

My Sunshine

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Don’t get used to seeing photos of Nicholas and Lucy on either Enrique Iglesias or Anna Kournikova's social media accounts. The couple has been together for over 16 years and are notoriously private. They live in Miami Beach, which affords them a life outside the Hollywood spotlight. Their locale is one of the reasons the former tennis pro was able to keep her entire pregnancy under wraps.

Although both Kournikova and Iglesias are both somewhat active on social media, you won’t find them posting about each other. They each tend to focus on business related posts or ones involving their dogs. Before she was pregnant, the new mom would share her workout routines with her followers, but that suddenly stopped last summer. Now we know why they stopped.

#myboys 👅👅 #elbaño

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The first photos of the Iglesias twins and their parents are truly adorable! Congrats again to Anna and Enrique on the two super cute additions to your family.

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