Eva Longoria Admits To Returning to Work 'With All Her Baby Weight'

Eva Longoria comments about being very self-conscious on set after bringing "all of the baby weight" with her to work.


Women are often pressured to lose all of the baby weight once they have given birth. Women are especially pressured if they are celebrities where they feel like their body image is the essence of their success. Eva Longoria is an American actress and she has made it a priority to always be in great shape and be a beautiful actress.

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Eva delivered her first child in June 2018. After she delivered her child she started trying to take care of her baby, but also take care of herself. She wanted to lose the baby weight and get her pre-pregnancy body back as quickly as she could. She found that she losing the weight at 44 years old was a much bigger task than she has suspected.

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Eva's first project since having her son, Santiago, is a role in a live-action film of Dora the Explorer. When Eva showed up on the set she started feeling very self-conscious of her body and she kept asking herself, "why am I here?" She commented that she was bringing all of her baby weight with her. Eva started feeling like she shouldn't be there because she was 20 lbs heavier and she was much heavier in the film than she is comfortable with. Although she was hoping she would have lost the weight she is very glad that she did the film she said,  "but I'm so happy I just jumped in and did it!" She didn't have any regrets after she started filming. She was also very blessed that she has a job where she is able to bring her child with her on set. Little Santiago was right there with her on set rooting on his mommy.

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Eva Longoria is certainly not the only mother who feels self-conscious about their bodies after bringing a little one into this world. Our bodies change a little bit (a lot a bit) after carrying and delivering a baby. All moms are gorgeous and everybody should feel so beautiful! You brought life into this world! How awesome is that! Eva, you are beautiful inside and out and we don't think you have anything to be self-conscious about.

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