Eva Longoria Brings Her 1-Year Old To Work To ‘Normalize Motherhood In The Industry’

Eva Longoria is making headlines after she was noticed bringing her one-year-old son to work with her. The actress, 44, has sparked both intrigue and criticism for her statement that motherhood and career life can walk hand-in-hand.

Little Santiago, who was born in 2018, has not only been on set while his mom was filming this past year, but he was also a part of several celebrity events! 'Walking' the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival, Santiago was one of the best-dressed baby celebs, sporting his tiny tuxedo.

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During Paris' Fashion Week, Santiago not only was his mom's plus one, but he ended up being a part of the L'Oreal Ready To Wear Spring-Summer 2020 Collection runway show, reports Hollywood Life. Spectators of the event were both impressed and shocked at the bold move Longoria made.

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In an interview with the news source, Longoria explained that Santiago is her number one job and that she can't just drop one job to do another when they happen simultaneously. "For me," she says, "it's not a matter of importance, just my life." Explaining that she's just a busy mom trying to balance the workload, many have questioned why she doesn't get childcare for Santiago.

The statement that Eva Longoria is trying to portray in bringing Santiago to work is "normalizing motherhood in our industry," she tells HL. With a busy year up ahead, Longoria has no plan to stop bringing 'Santi' to work with her because she truly believes it's important for him to be a part of it all along with her.

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"We're moms and this is what we do," she says touching on the fact that mothers are very good at multitasking. Critics of the mother's actions in melding home-life and work-life say that once Santiago gets into his more 'busy' years of childhood, bringing him to work may not be so easy, but by that point the little star in the making may be accustomed to the work environment and what's expected of him.

Only time will tell if 'bringing your baby to work' is a good idea, but for Eva Longoria, so far she has been able to have the best of both worlds and there is nothing wrong with that!

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