Eva Longoria’s Baby Is Making Her Crave Breakfast

Eva Longoria is expecting soon, and her cravings are mixing up her meals!

The Desperate Housewives star joked that her baby on the way is making her eat breakfast for dinner. Longoria is expecting her first child, a baby boy with husband José “Pepe” Bastón come this May. She has a good enough reason for eating cereal for dinner - her pregnancy is making her do it!

This past Thursday, March 1, 2018, Longoria revealed to People Magazine that her cravings are all over the place, including making her crave breakfast instead of dinner. “You guys, I’m so hungry,” the actress said on her Instagram stories. “And I don’t wanna cook anything and I don’t feel like ordering anything, so I’m gonna eat cereal, but I can’t decide what cereal to eat,” she continued.

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Not only is the baby messing with her meal times, but her pregnancy is also making it difficult for Longoria to choose which cereal to eat. The 42-year-old actress had to make the difficult decision of eating a bowl of Mini-Wheats or Fruity Pebbles, which is basically the pregnant equivalent to Sophie’s Choice. However, the actress made up her mind and decided to just eat both!

“I love Mini Wheats, this is probably my favorite cereal,” she said. Although she decided to double up and eat Fruit Pebbles too, as they’re a “blast from the past.” Eva made it very clear that this wasn’t her decision. She was quick to let viewers know it was the baby! “Just so you know guys, this isn’t me. It’s my baby,” Longoria mentioned. “It's my baby wanting cereal for dinner.”

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Although the Telenovela star munched on her Fruit Pebbles, she got over those real quick, claiming they were “too sweet now.” Longoria then moved on to her trusty Mini Wheats and was a happy camper from there on out stating, “Yum, yum, this one’s good.”

The mom-to-be may be having a hard time choosing her cereal preference, but one thing is for sure, she is incredibly excited for her son to arrive, revealing how she “can't wait for him to be here.” We’re certain Eva will be an outstanding mother, and hopefully she won’t be bumping into any more cereal dilemmas anytime soon.

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