Dairy Queen Is Celebrating Royal Baby With Their 'Royal Baby Blizzards'

Dairy Queen announces that they have created a "Royal Baby Blizzard" to help people celebrate the birth of the new royal baby.

If you are tired of hearing about the royal baby, too bad! The royal baby is the biggest piece of baby news right now. There will be a lot more news about the royal baby and the milestones that he goes through. In fact, you will probably be hearing many more details as the years' progress. The royal baby has had a way of unifying people and bringing people together according to the tourist visiting the Buckingham Palace. It seems that everybody is getting in on the baby craze of the new royal baby Archie Harrison. People around the world are super interested in the royal baby and we just all want to find a way to help celebrate.

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Dairy Queen is now even trying to capitalize on the birth of the royal baby. They decided to temporarily change the name of their Mini Royal Blizzards to  "Royal Baby Blizzards." Dairy Queen said that they really wanted to create something that could allow other people a way to celebrate the birth of the newest little royal baby.

“We are filled with joy to announce… The arrival of The Royal Baby BLIZZARD Treat May 6, 2019 6oz,” DQ wrote. They wanted everybody to come together and eat some ice cream while they celebrate the birth of little Archie.


Maybe DQ does really want to help celebrate the new royal baby, but we have a suspicion that it's just really good advertisement and possibly the perfect time to sell some of their lesser-known Blizzards. The Royal Baby Blizzards do sound yummy though! The Royal Baby Blizzards are blizzards that are packed with yummy goodness in the center and then surrounded by ice cream! They come in several different flavors like Reeses and Brownies and New York cheesecake, flavor-packed with cheesecake pieces, graham crackers, vanilla soft serve, and a strawberry filling. The Reeses one has vanilla ice cream mixed with Reese and Brownies and then in the center is peanut butter! Hey, even if they are just using the birth of the royal baby to sell more blizzards it is working. We all want to go get some ice-cream now!

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