Every Mom Deserves These Expensive Pool Floats For Cheap

Summer is so close that we can almost taste the margaritas from here. With the days getting longer and the temperatures rising, is there anything that us hard working parents deserve more than a good ol' lounge in the pool? If you're lucky enough to have your very own body of water right there in your back yard, then you're probably used to seeing the kids play in it over the long, hot months. But what about you? Walmart is slashing the prices of some seriously cool floats, and you're going to want to get your hands on them!

Unicorns are still a big thing, despite having trended for quite some time now. Some may have thought it was a passing obsession, but how wrong they were! You can get your very own magical horned-pony to ride around on (and by ride we mean float) for the bargain price of $20 at the retail giant. If you're not into that particular trend, then don't fret. Swans are available too so you can live that pool life like the queen (or king) you are.

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Our personal favorite is the awesome blue peacock pool float that's not only beautiful but functional, too. Complete with a backrest, you could kick your feet up and relax with a book, basking in the glorious sunshine. Don't want the kids to feel left out? There's a dinosaur that's sure to float their boats. If all of these are too kitsch for your taste, then don't sweat it, they've got regular floats for the same price.


The best part? These incredible pool gifts usually retail at upwards of $100. That's a savings of over $80 so you can have your float and enough cash leftover to fill that empty glass too. These floats have a weight limit of 315ibs and are made out of durable plastic so your kids can go wild on them, without you having to worry about easy breakages.

Sure, it's the kids that get summer vacation, but why should they have all the fun? Shuffle on down to your latest store and grab yourself an inflatable piece of paradise while stocks last.


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