Everything There Is To Know About Nick Carter's Son: Odin (20 Points)

Backstreet Boys fans will really enjoy learning about Nick Carter's adorable son, Odin. They may also enjoy seeing some cute pics of Nick with his son...and learning all about Nick's family.

The Backstreet Boys were formed way back in 1993, in Florida. Band mates Nick Carter, Howie Dorough, AJ McLean, Brian Littrell and Kevin Richardson became pop superstars, due to a series of four hit albums. After Black & Blue was released in 2000, the famous boy band took a long break and then staged a comeback. In 2013, the Backstreet Boys celebrated twenty years as a musical group.

Thanks to the Backstreet Boys, Nick Carter is a huge star. He will always be someone that Backstreet Boys fans care about. Now that Nick is a father, he's really all grown up. Nick is embracing fatherhood with an open heart and a lot of enthusiasm. He's also so happy in his marriage to Lauren. In the past, Nick has had some troubles, but it seems like smooth sailing now. Parenthood keeps him centered.

Odin has definitely changed Nick Carter's life for the better. Now, it's time to learn tons of fascinating facts about this adorable tot. Anyone who reads this list will also learn a lot about the life and times of Nick Carter.

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20 Nick Loves Being A Dad


When Nick and his wife were expecting their first child, Nick admitted that he was looking forward to having someone to take care of. He was excited about protecting his baby and making sure that his baby would get lots of love. After Odin was born, Nick looked ecstatic. When he was photographed holding his own child, he smiled wider than ever before.

Parenthood is a dream for so many people, including famous celebs like Nick. Now, Nick is living the dream. He gets to care for and guide a little one, instead of his life being all about show business all of the time.

19 Odin Was Born In 2016


Odin was born in 2016. Before the baby came, Nick and his wife went all out decorating the nursery. They dropped about fifty grand creating the perfect space for their baby. The nursery included fancy wallpaper with a steampunk vibe, as well as designer furnishings and accessories.

Nick and Lauren let an interior decorator to the stars, who is named Stephanie Avila, work her magic in the baby's room.

Nick and Lauren loved the way that the nursery looked. The steampunk wallpaper wasn't too extreme. It was more subtle. It really worked for Nick and he wanted the whole nursery to fit that theme. It was the decorator who suggested the unique wallpaper.

18 Nick Enjoyed Doing Baby Care Tasks


Odin isn't a little baby anymore, but Nick was right there doing baby tasks when Odin was an infant. Odin came into the world after his mom endured a thirty hour labor. Lauren opted for a water birth at home. Once Odin was born, the new parents adjusted to the demands of round-the-clock baby care. They were tired, like all new parents, but very happy, too.

Nick was pleased to pitch in with baby care tasks. Nick actually took parenting classes before his son was born, which helped him learn how to change diapers and do lots of other stuff. It's cool that Nick took those classes.

17 Nick's Wife Lauren Is Odin's Mother


We already mentioned Lauren, who is Nick's wife, but you may want more details about her. Who is she? How did she get together with the famous blond Backstreet Boy? Do Nick's fans get jealous of her?

Well, Lauren is currently the owner and co-founder of a skin care clinic located in Westlake Village, Los Angeles. The clinic has a doctor on staff who does skin care treatments. Lauren met Nick because she was friends with Nick's sister. Yes, fans get jealous of her sometimes, but most are kind. When you get together with a big boy band star, some fans are not going to like it.

16 Nick Says Odin Is Mischievous


Nick's been a bit of a bad boy in the past. His son may have inherited his mischievous nature. Nick described his son's smile as mischievous on Twitter. Nick is clearly enchanted by his little boy and loves everything that Odin does. He shares pics of his son online, so everyone else can be charmed by his son, too. It's always cute when parents are this excited about being parents.

Nick is very into being a father and that's a beautiful thing. He's enjoying every minute of his son's childhood. Odin is very lucky to have such a loving father.

15 Nick Has Shared Plenty Of Pics Of Odin Online


Nick is active on social media, like most celebs. He's not the kind of parent who shields his son from the spotlight. Instead, he lets fans into his life, by showing off his son whenever he can. Adorable pics of Nick with Odin are always being posted to Nick's social media accounts, or to his wife Lauren's accounts. Odin is getting plenty of attention. The whole world knows that Nick is loving every minute of being a father. Nick swims with his son, watches his little boy play and take pics while Odin opens his Christmas presents.

Nick has just under a million Instagram followers, so Odin's pics are reaching a big audience.

14 Odin Inherited Dad's Fair Coloring


Nick is known for his fair coloring. Nick was selected as number nine on the 2000 "50 Most Beautiful People" list in People Magazine. His son has the same fair coloring.

Odin is very blond, just like his Dad, and may end up being a real mini-me of his famous father. If Odin ends up looking just like his Dad, fans will be thrilled. Odin will need to carve out his own identity as he gets older. He'll need to step out of his celeb Dad's shadow. A lot of celeb offspring go into show business. Maybe Odin will, too.

13 Odin's Mom Is A Fitness Trainer


Odin is going to grow up learning the value of physical fitness, because his Mom Lauren used to work as a fitness trainer, before opening a skin care clinic in L.A. Lauren Kitt tied the knot with Nick several years ago. She was a well-known fitness guru who did videos called "Kitt Fit", which offered helpful fitness tips to viewers. Nick began appearing in the videos, which made them even more popular.

By 2013, Lauren and Nick were engaged. Her relationship with Nick boosted her fame, but she already had a big following. Lauren lives a healthy lifestyle, so she's a great influence on her hubby.

12 Odin Is An Only Child Right Now


Nick and Lauren do want more kids, but, sadly, they lost a baby. They were devastated when that happened. They may be trying to have another. The baby that was lost was a girl. That's so sad for Nick, Lauren and Odin. Lauren was 38 when she lost the baby. Nick had a concert the same night Lauren lost the baby and wasn't sure he would be able to perform, because he was so upset. He did go on stage, for the sake of his fans. Lauren was heartbroken, too, and felt bad for Nick, too.

Let's all hope for more beautiful babies for this couple.

11 Mom And Dad Chose A Mythical Name For Their Son


When Lauren and Nick were thinking about baby names, they were watching "Vikings". That's why they were inspired to give their little boy a mythical name. While there isn't a "Vikings" character called Odin, the name would definitely fit in on that show.

According to Babynamewizard.com, Odin is the supreme Norse god, who presided over death, war, art and wisdom. Odin was known to be eloquent, charming and handsome. This is a powerful baby name for a baby boy! Odin is a strong name that is unique enough to be really interesting.  Odin may become interested in Norse mythology because of his name.

10 Nick Will Give Odin Emotional Support If He Goes Into Show Business Someday


Nick Carter got famous really young and Nick has had issues with his parents. Nick didn't always feel like he got emotional support from them. He doesn't want his son to experience the same ups and downs that he went through while adjusting to fame. If Odin decides to go into show business, Nick will be right there by his side, guiding him through it all. He'll offer emotional support 24/7. He'll make sure that Odin doesn't feel alone while he's exploring his interests and abilities in the show business world.

Show business can be rough on young people. Nick knows this all too well. He'll always protect his son.

9 Odin Is An Aries


Nick is an inventive and unique Aquarius. His son is an Aries. People born under the sign of Aries are usually athletic, bold and natural leaders. They love adventure and they're the Astro sign's pioneers. Aries can be a little bit selfish, but have big hearts and love helping those who are a bit weaker. Aquarius and Aries are a good match, so Nick and his son are going to have a wonderful relationship.

Nick may find that his son marches to the beat of his own drum, rather than following rules. Nick has often gone his own way, too, for better or worse, so he'll be able to relate to his son's need for independence.

8 Odin Is Growing Up In A Rich Family


Nick Carter didn't grow up rich. He earned his money himself. Odin is going to grow up in a very rich family. The estimated net worth of Nick Carter is a whopping 35 million dollars. Odin will have everything in a material sense, but hopefully, will appreciate all that he has. Kids who grow up rich don't really know what it's like to not have money. That's why they sometimes act entitled.

If Nick and Lauren teach the right values, their son will behave well and treat others with respect. It's possible to raise polite and kind children in rich Hollywood families, but it takes some work.

7 Nick And His Wife Want More Children


Nick and Lauren have had fertility issues in the past, but they definitely want more children. It's hard to say what is in the cards for this couple. They may be trying to have another baby. Luckily, they have a beautiful son. If fertility issues hold them back in the future, they will be able to focus on Odin and focus on enjoying life with him.

Sometimes, our dreams don't come true, but we still have so many blessings. Nick and Lauren may not attain their goal of having a big family. They might get their wish. They do have a lot to be grateful for already.

6 Odin Has Watched Dad Perform


Nick is a seasoned performer. He's played the biggest stadiums, which were filled with screaming fans. Nick is a great singer and dancer with tons of charisma. His son, Odin, who is still very little, has already had the chance to see Dad strut his stuff onstage. Not only did Odin get to watch Dad perform, he got to be on stage, too. Dad brought Odin up on stage. Nick was decked out in a fancy white suit at the time.

Nick clearly loved introducing his beloved son to Backstreet Boys fans. Naturally, the little boy got plenty of cheers from the crowd.

5 Parenthood Has Helped Nick To Overcome Issues


Nick used to party, like most celebs in bands. Touring is rough and famous musical artists do tend to blow off steam by hitting clubs and partying with friends and whoever else is around. Nick used to date Paris Hilton and he said that his relationship with her brought out his dark side a little bit. Now, he's a dad and he's transitioning away from the lifestyle that he used to live. He's happy to be moving on from all of that.

Lots of people change dramatically when they become parents and Nick seems to be one of those people.

4 Odin's Mom Has Been Targeted By Jealous Nick Carter Fans


Fans who adore boy bands often feel like they are in love with certain boy band members. They dream of meeting their fave boy band members and maybe living happily ever after with them. When boy band members find long-term partners, fans may lash out. Lauren has gotten some shade from some of Nick's fans, but she is strong enough to handle it. Jealous fans come with the territory.

Nick says Lauren has changed is life for the better. He's very protective of his wife. Jealous fans need to realize that Nick is fully committed to his wife and to family life. Many fans are very kind to Lauren.

3 Nick Enjoys Traditional Parenting


Nick is enjoying all of the traditional elements of being a dad, such as reading stories before bedtime. He's embracing a family life that is wholesome. He spends sunny days outside, in the family pool, playing with his son. He goes to the park with his kid. He goes on family walks with his wife, his son and the family dog. He does all of the normal things that make a child feel secure, loved and special.

Nick told Dr. Phil that he had a rough childhood himself, so it makes sense that he's trying to give his son a different experience.

2 Odin Gets So Much Love


Odin Carter is a lucky little boy, because his parents love him so much and make sure that he gets lots of love. There are so many cute pics of Odin holding birthday balloons, or being cuddled by mom or dad, or exploring the world through imaginative play. Odin also gets to grow up in a spacious house with all of the amenities, including a swimming pool.

Nick's parents were always worried about money when he was growing up. His son won't have to worry about his parent's financial troubles, though. He'll be able to grow up with so much security.

1 Odin's Been In The Recording Studio With Dad


Odin is experiencing the pop star life early. He's already been in the recording studio with his dad. Odin always looks very content while he's in his Dad's arms. He knows he is safe there. Nick is bonding with his child constantly and sharing so many elements of his life and career with his child. It's great to see Nick focusing on the positive things in life. He's become a family man who is worthy of so much respect.

Fatherhood has been wonderful for Nick Carter. Nick has so much to look forward to. The troubles of the past are behind him.

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