Exclusive: New Amazon Children's Show Will Appeal To Both Kids And Adults

The Adventures of Snow White and Rose Red is Amazon's newest children's show, which will debut on June 15th. The show is aimed at children ages 3-9 and follows two teenage sisters, Snow White and Rose Red, living an idyllic life in the forest. The pair spends their days picking wildflowers, roaming the woods, and reading from their book of fairytales while dreaming of faraway lands.

Their adventures begin when they magically, and suddenly, start meeting their favorite characters in the woods.  The stories told through this show will entrance your youngster visually and emotionally. The sets are stunning, the costumes are beautiful, and positive messages are spun in a uniquely creative way that both parents and kids will love together.

Other characters promised to make an appearance on the show include Alice from Wonderland, Cinderella, Prince Charming, Rapunzel, and many, many more. Think Once Upon a Time but for children and much less wicked!

As adults, fairytales still hold their power of magic over us. How else could Disney have created such a successful industry? We know it's not just six-year-olds going nuts for Disney princess stuff. There wouldn't be a jewelry line, an annual Disney Princess half-marathon, or princess themed clothing in adult sizes if princesses and fairytales weren't beloved by adults. Magic is fun. Stories are fun. And fairytales are simply delightful.

As we grow and become parents, we know that life is far from a fairytale. We don't want our children growing up truly believing that they'll be riding horses through pastures or be swept off their feet by a true love, but it's fun to pretend. Once you separate fantasy from reality, you can feel like a kid again watching your favorite childhood movies.

The Adventures of Snow White and Rose Red is being described as entertaining for both kids and adults, with writing done so well it keeps all of us intrigued. Score! Sisters Snow White and Rose Red are portrayed by two real-life sisters, Demetra Zorbas and Callista Zorbas. Their actual relation brings an authenticity to their roles and will make you nostalgic for the days of innocence when you ran around with your own sister or your best friend (who may as well have been a sibling!).

The sisters are from Colonie, New York and grew up acting in local plays. 17-year-old Demetra plays Snow White and 14-year-old Callista is her younger sister, Rose Red. Snow White is a story that has been told, very famously so by Disney way back in the 1940's, but few know of Rose Red. In the original tale, Snow White is actually a quiet blonde girl and Rose Red is her livelier brunette sister. The casting is perfect.

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Hollywood screenwriter and former stay at home mom Nicole Coady is behind this brainchild, and promised us grown-ups that we'll love the show. That is very nice to hear since we've suffered through years of many monotonous and eye-roll worthy shows all over the small screen. The writing on children's shows can also be surprisingly inappropriate. They can even glorify themes like bullying because the "cool" kid is almost always mean.

Coady wanted that mindset left behind. The Adventures of Snow White And Rose Red promotes kindness and the importance of being a good friend. This is something that the world is sorely lacking these days and something that Coady wanted to portray on the show. When she noticed the lack of quality kids TV, she took matters into her own hands.

Coady had the experience and means to produce her own show, so she did. A Hollywood screenwriter with a degree in film, Coady gave all that up to raise her daughter in upstate New York. However, unbeknownst to her, her screenwriting career wasn't over. It was just the beginning. A longtime lover of fairytales and folklore, Coady took what she knew and set out to create her own family show. It's really an inspirational story for any mom who put their career on hold to raise their children.

Coady formed her own production company, Trident Fantasy Films, and The Adventures of Snow White and Rose Red is their first big television project. Coady, along with her production partners Katie Spass and Andrew Farnan Balog, pitched their idea to Amazon. They were given a deal and production started soon after.

The writers and production staff are mostly female, which is almost unheard of in the television realm. Another goal of the show is to also provide positive female role models for young girls. This show is accomplishing that both on the screen and behind the scenes.

Coady (who seems to be a very busy woman!) also teaches a filmmaking class at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs. Some of the actors portraying these fantasy characters are Skidmore students. College students also served as editors, production assistants, writers, costuming and in marketing. Coady's connection provided a fun experience for young students, as well as helped her budget do what it needed to do!

This show is unlike any other children's show on TV. A live-action series starring two sisters, as sisters, who live in a fantasy world and learn valuable lessons on kindness, friendship, and family is a rare find. It's even more rare to please mom and dad too.

The best way to describe it is enchanting. The Adventures of Snow White and Rose Red longs to bring back the simplicity of storytelling without any huge special effects or lavish sets. It's a refreshing take on a long-told tale, and it's done with imagination and heart.

The Adventures of Snow White and Rose Red will be streaming on Amazon on June 15th! Do you plan on watching with your kids? I do! Let us know your thoughts on the show and if you plan on checking it out!


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