Exclusive: Family Album 'A Cheerful Little Earful' Is A Jazzy Delightful Musical Offering From Diana Panton

Diana Panton is a JUNO award-winning jazz vocalist with a gentle, poetic voice.  She just released her second family album titled A Cheerful Little Earful featuring familiar songs heard both in Disney features and on Sesame Street. The music is an eclectic mix of children's classics and melodic tunes.

The best apart of the whole album is that you will love it too. A Cheerful Little Earful is truly a family album both kids and parents will enjoy which is a nice change from the ear-bleeding Baby Shark, the Kidz Bop albums or any other kid-centered music found on Youtube

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Panton is accompanied on A Cheerful Little Earful by Don Thompson and Reg Schwager, her frequent collaborators. Thompson is an Order of Canada recipient adding bass, piano, and vibes to the album. Schwager is accomplished on the guitar and together they form a talented jazz duo. Both were also members of a popular jazz group, the George Shearing Quintet forming a longtime partnership.

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Panton's perfect vocals make them a trio of jazz musicians doing what they do best. The title song "Cheerful Little Earful" is light, simple and everything a jazz song should be. Other tracks include "Happy Talk," "It's a Most Unusual Day," "All in the Golden Afternoon," "Sing a Rainbow" and more.

Jazz may not be necessarily your thing, but consider how calming and melodic it is. The beats are simple, the music is light, and you always find yourself nodding your head. Introduce your kids to a different genre of music (if you haven't already), and expose them to different forms of art.

Introducing your children to music at a young age has immeasurable benefits. Children who are enrolled in an interactive music class benefit socially and academically. These kids have been shown to be calmer and have a higher vocabulary. Kids who listen to music regularly get more physical exercise from dancing it out and learn from all of the lyrics in the songs. It's a win-win really. Plus when you're listening to music, your kids aren't staring at a screen.

Diana Panton Via Melanie Gillis

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Panton's previous family album I Believe In Little Things charted on both the U.S. and Canadian Jazz charts. At one point it held the number one spot on both iTunes and Amazon Canada Jazz charts. It was also the winner of the 2017 JUNO award for the best Children's album in Canada. The School Library Journal selected it as one of their albums of the year in 2016.

In addition to being an accomplished jazz singer, Panton is also a lecturer in art, drama, and French at Westdale Secondary School in Hamilton, Ontario. She performs this profession just as successfully as she performs as a vocalist.

Panton's debut album was released in 2005 and she has released 10 albums since. All have been wonderful and showcase her vocal talent.  Her foray into children and family music is much welcomed. Definitely consider her when you need to try some new music.

A Cheerful Little Earful is available now on Amazon, iTunes, and Spotify


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