Exclusive: First of its Kind Product to Address Egg Allergy in Children

Infant allergy company Lil Mixins is ready to debut a first of its kind egg powder designed to safely introduce eggs to infants. It's believed that early and proper introduction to common foods that cause allergies can prevent food allergies from developing as children grow.

The all-natural egg powder is easily mixed into other foods then fed to your baby like normal. This new product makes its debut this week and was developed after the companies' successful peanut powder. Both the egg powder and peanut powder have the same goal: to properly introduce high-risk foods to babies with the goal of preventing common food allergies.

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Food guidelines are constantly changing and the prevalence of food allergies in children has exploded in recent years. Understandably, parents are nervous to introduce high trigger food to their babies. The powders take the worry out of feeding peanuts, and now eggs, to your baby.

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The powder is meant to be given in a two teaspoon serving three times a week. It can be mixed into formula, breastmilk, or pureed baby food. The small servings given over time will allow a child's body to get used to eggs so when they're ready to eat the actual food, they should be safe.

Lil Mixins was founded by Meenal Lele. She's a mother of two, one of whom has a food allergy. After her youngest son's diagnosis, she took matters into her own hands. she founded Lil mixins after doing extensive research on preventing food allergies with a goal of eliminating them in children.

She found two important pediatric studies called the Learning Early About Peanut Allergy and Enquiring  About Tolerance, or LEAP and EAT for short. They both revealed some new data that suggested that early introduction to high allergen food is the key to preventing childhood food intolerance.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) agrees with all the new research and currently recommends early introduction as a way of prevention. Early introduction is especially important for children at a higher risk due to genetics.

Meenal wants to end the childhood food allergy epidemic and as someone who has been there, she has personal dedication. She can relate to all the moms who fear for their children's safety in case they accidentally eat something they shouldn't.  She said, “All new moms want to do what is best, but the recommended guidelines are nearly impossible to follow.”

Recommendations have changed many times in the last few years. Lil Mixins is here to help us mom withs the most recent and to allow ways to safely introduce some of these foods early. Egg allergies are very common. They're actually more common than peanut allergies and part of the top nine most common allergic foods. As of now Lil Mixins only offers an egg and peanut powder, but we hope their line can expand to include other foods that most often pose a risk.





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