Exclusive Interview: 'Instagram Mom' Danielle Bevens Talks About Insta Fame While Raising Two Boys

BabyGaga is bringing another exclusive interview just for you Instagram-loving moms out there! Danielle Bevens, an Insta-Mom, recently agreed to an interview in which we discussed fun with letter boards, creating incredible and eye-catching posts, sharing with fans and becoming an Instagram personality while raising two small children.

Even if you're not already addicted to Instagram, you'll definitely want to check out Danielle's Instagram for mommy inspiration and much, much more. Please enjoy this BabyGaga exclusive!

BabyGaga (BG): Danielle, thank you so much for participating in this interview. You are an “Instagram Mom” who posts about your family which includes two small sons, DIY crafting, travel, plants and much, much more! When did you decide to become an Instagram influencer with an emphasis on raising your sons?

Danielle Bevens (DB): Thank you for having me! Honestly, it was never something I chose. It was more of the right time at the right place kinda thing. I started posting funny letterboards and before I knew it they were getting shared by some big accounts. The followers came with the shares and honestly it’s been an incredible blessing in my life!

BG: Has your significant other always been supportive of the decision to share your family life on a public platform like Instagram? Has it been a bonding experience in any way?

DB: Absolutely, Jeremy is truly my biggest supporter when it comes to my Instagram and my goals surrounding it. He’s become quite the photographer through this whole experience so that has been a great bonding opportunity for us! I’m really thankful to have him.


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BG: You are currently just shy of 15k followers. To what do you attribute to your success?

DB: Shares! I get so excited talking about the people and accounts that have shared my content! With that being said creating connections, being patient and believing in yourself will take you where you need to go. Patience is key.

BG: What advice would you give to moms who are thinking about starting an influencing Instagram account but aren’t sure where to begin or how to start gaining a following?

DB: This one is tricky because I truly don’t consider myself to be an influencer! I’m just a mom trying to be funny while sharing her life on Instagram. The best advice I would give would be to stay true to yourself. You don’t have to advertise shampoo just cause Sally from down the street is. There’s no guide to this, everyone’s just trying to figure it out one day at a time!

BG: You are based in Canada. Do you know what part of the country the majority of your followers are in? Is it important for “Instagram Moms” to make posts that are relatable to people of all regions?

DB: Trying to stay relatable is key! Most of my Canadian following is here in Alberta! However, over half of my followers are from the States! That’s why I find it’s easiest to relate to things like parenting or humor to make sure it’s easily understood across any audience.

BG: Are your two little boys aware of their Insta-fame? If so, what do they think about it?

DB: Not at all. My oldest loves being in photos and understands that mom takes pictures and letter boards but I don’t think he knows much more than that. At the end of the day, this space will be an awesome way for them to look into their childhood from my eyes.

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BG: A big part of your Insta-style is incorporating letter boards in which you create often hilarious or thought-provoking sayings and ideas. How did you get started with letter boards and where do you get your inspiration from?

DB: I followed a company called Letterfolk! They were bringing back the letter board for the home and sharing their customer photos on their Instagram. They shared my very first letter board and it’s been nothing but fun ever since. My inspiration comes from being a mom and a human facing the same challenges as everyone else.

BG: Letter boards are trending right now in a big way! They have been around for a long time so why do you think they have regained popularity and especially with social media?

DB: I truly believe it’s because of the spotlight Joanna and Johnny of Letterfolk put on it and the way they allowed it to design not only your home but your Instagram in my case.

BG: Have you gotten recognized while out and about?

DB: We have! It’s usually more of an ice breaker though. People are more inclined to introduce themselves and then add in that they follow us.

BG: Can you share the sweetest moment or nicest story about connecting with a fellow mom/moms via Instagram?

DB: Oh my gosh there’s too many! The support you receive from that community is amazing! Any time I’m down or questioning my decisions or actions as a mother they are right there reminding me we’re all going through this together. We just need to reach out for help.

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BG: Can you estimate how much time you spend preparing Instagram posts per week? How often should someone post in order to gain and maintain a following?

DB: I spend a couple hours a day focusing on Instagram! Usually early in the morning and once the kids are in bed! I try to post at least once a day but I like to think there are no rules for that sort of thing! If you love what you post, it’s got a clear message and meaning then people will come.

BG: Danielle, thank you so much for sharing some of the secrets of your Instagram success, family stories and more. We really appreciate it!

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