Exclusive: Made With Love Keepsakes Owner & Artist Brittani Beals Creates The Most Precious Items

After we become parents, we realize how everything about our children and parenting journey becomes so dear and precious to us, and all we want to do is hold on to it. Made with Love Keepsakes recognizes this and owner/founder/artist Brittani Beals takes her love of art and motherhood to create a large variety of keepsake pieces for mothers around the world.

Made with Love Keepsakes Owner Brittani Beals Via Brittani Beals

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Based in Grand Junction, Colorado, Brittani began making her own breastmilk keepsake jewelry after becoming a mother three years ago to her beautiful daughter, Tessa. Like many of us, she struggled with breastfeeding and postpartum depression. She turned to mom groups to find a community and came upon breastmilk jewelry. Of course, she wanted some but didn't see anything she could afford. Being naturally crafty, Beals decided to go ahead and make her own.

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She shared her finished product online and friends asked if she could make a piece for them. That's how her business was born. As keepsake jewelry, each piece contains something personal and meaningful. Breastmilk is the most popular jewelry inclusion. The process of making jewelry with breastmilk involves a top-secret preservation technique that took Brittani over a year to perfect. Believe it or not, she has no formal training in this art. She is 100% self-taught.

Anastasia Ring Via Made with Love Keepsakes

The breastmilk preservation process can take up to four weeks alone and due to her popularity, each order has an 18-20 week wait time Seeing her work, we have no doubt that the wait is worth it. What's waiting five months when getting a meaningful piece that will last a lifetime?

While breastmilk jewelry has been around for a while, Brittani takes it to a whole new level. She works with a large number of inclusions that can either be combined with breastmilk or done alone. Meaning if you didn't breastfeed, weren't able to breastfeed, or don't have any breastmilk left, you can still get a piece. Also, don't worry if you don't have a lot. On average, only a half ounce is needed for each piece.

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Inclusion includes hair, cremated ashed, pet ashes, pet hair, placenta, and umbilical cord parts which all can be mixed with breastmilk. Or if you don't have any breastmilk, most of these inclusions can go into most pieces on their own.

Eternity Teardrop Ring Via Made with Love Keepsakes

Color can also be added to each piece in the form of glitter or glitter flecks. It's important to note that it doesn't matter how old your breastmilk is since it's not being consumed, and during the preservation process, Brittani can lighten it if the color has turned. Made with Love Keepsakes has affordable options ranging from $10-$500, and a huge variety of options. There is literally something for everyone.

There are rings, necklaces, bracelets, hair pieces, decor, small trinkets, compact mirrors, keychains, beads, and even a men's line. As a mom herself, Brittani has the whole Tessa line available in honor of her 3-year-old daughter with the same name. This line is a simple round design that has an elegant touch.

Tessa necklace Via Made with Love Keepsakes

Brittani runs a deeply personal business where her customers know she truly cares about their jewelry and all of their personal inclusions. Breastmilk is a precious commodity no matter how it's being used, and Brittani understands that. She stays in touch with her fans and customers through a private Facebook group called the Made with Love Keepsakes community which has over 25,000 members.

Member stays on in the community and comes back to show off their pieces and share their wisdom. It's even become its own mom group where Keepsake members vent, cry and laugh together about the trials of parenting. As moms, we really need that.

Via Made with Love Keepsakes

Brittani has worked very hard over the last three years to grow her business and keep up with demands. Yet, she does the bulk of her work herself, 6 days a week from her home while raising her daughter. Only her mother, grandmother, and husband are allowed to help her because they understand her entire process and organization when it comes to making this art.

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Every summer Made with Love Keepsakes does a special promotion with lots of freebies! Currently, for every $50 spent, you get a free piece. This runs through July 31st. And for every 130 orders, every single person who placed an order from May 31st through July 31st will get an extra charm, with the possibility of five extra charms per person. Currently, three charm goals have been achieved, and four is on its way. If you order during this time, make sure you send enough milk/inclusions for any extra freebies. Three ounces should be fine.

Via Made with Love Keepsakes

Since each piece is handmade and personalized, no two pieces will ever be the same which is very cool. We want pieces that are just as unique as our children we're honoring and the journeys we all endured in life to get here. We asked Brittani if she had any advice for her customers. She said, "Go with the piece that speaks to your heart. Go with something you could see yourself wearing. These are special and you should love what order!"

Any and all information about ordering, inclusions, sending milk, ring size, etc is all found on the Made with Love Keepsakes website. But we're warning you now that you will spend an absurd amount of time browsing the whole gorgeous website with so much beautiful jewelry. Brittani is also frequently available in the Keepsakes community group to answer questions her customers may have.

We love keepsake jewelry and love Brittani's business practices even more. Every parent needs a keepsake piece in their life, and you may as well buy it from a mom who's just like you. What do you think of this jewelry? Will you be buying one?

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