EXCLUSIVE REVIEW: Cadenshae Maternity & Postpartum Leggings

We have been approached by a wonderful company called Cadenshae and we are so grateful they sought us out! They introduced us to an outstanding company that creates amazing active gear for pregnant and nursing mothers. I had the wonderful opportunity to try some of their products. I tried a couple of their active nursing tops and you can check out my review here.  I also got the chance to try out their maternity leggings.  The leggings are called maternity leggings but they have also been created for post-partum women as well. The belly band is intended to not only support your baby bump but it also helps keep all of your post-partum skin in place. I am 2 months post-partum and I definitely wanted to try them and figure out what the hype was all about and let me tell you, these leggings are amazing! I reviewed the Maternity Leggings - Classic Full Length Bondi Blue. Wow, I honestly have nothing but good things to say. The only thing I might have added is possibly a place to put my phone, but that is totally me being picky!

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It is really hard to find leggings that fit during pregnancy and during the postpartum stage. I have been pregnant four times and I have never owned a pair of maternity leggings because I could never find one that felt comfortable. Leggings can sometimes be very problematic if you don't get the right fit. Leggings often slowly fall down your body making it so you look like you have a saggy crotch, or maybe they ride up and give you a crotch wedgie. Other leggings are see-through.  I have had a couple of leggings that fit really well right after they get out of the dryer but as the day goes on they get looser and then it doesn't look as appealing. I have always wanted leggings that look great all day long.

The Cadenshae leggings are not see-through, they stay tightly fitted to my body no matter how long I wear them, they don't ride up and they don't slide down. The company says that these leggings are "lunge proof" and they are absolutely telling the truth! I was able to run and exercise without these bad boys falling down! I especially like the tummy band because it is snug around my belly and so it hides all of my post-partum flab!

These legs are insanely comfortable and they are very breathable. I really like the way my body looks in these things! They are also a really gorgeous color. I got the blue ones that reach down to my ankles and these immediately became my favorite pants. I ran with these leggings and they felt amazing. I felt like they have amazing support. The leggings are really supportive and tight but they don't feel like they are constricting me in any way. I feel like I can take over the world in these things! They are very versatile. I can play sports in them, go hiking, lounge around the house, weight lift, go running, chase after my toddler, or go grocery shopping in them!

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Posted by Cadenshae on Sunday, October 13, 2019

I definitely think I want to get the black Capri leggings. I am sure that they are definitely just as comfortable as the longer leggings. Cadenshae also makes a few other maternity and postpartum bottoms that I have not yet tried. They make shorts as well. They created High Waisted Running Shorts. and High Waisted Bike Shorts. I would love to try out these sometime too because they look amazingly comfortable!

If you are looking to find a quality pair of maternity or postpartum leggings these would be perfect! We highly recommend this brand and the products that I was able to try out were fabulous! Oh, and can I also say that I got my gear only 4 days after it was ordered! This is definitely a great product!

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