Exclusive: Sisters Use Baby Kingdom 'Miracle Cream' To Cure Their Son's Eczema

The Patton sisters, Stacey and Michelle, each gave birth to a son in 2018. Their boys were born just two weeks apart and each of them happened to develop horrible eczema within months of each other.

Stacey Patton is a 28-year-old mother of three from Sunderland, England. Her youngest child and only boy Acer was just two months old when his eczema began to appear. Acer's case was so bad Stacy would find him with blood streaks on his skin and sheets from all the scratching. His skin was red and irritated, and nothing would ease his discomfort or clear his skin.

Naturally, Stacy took him to his pediatrician who prescribed him with prescription-strength lotions and steroids at just six months old. Steroids aren't usually recommended until the age of one. She tried many other moisturizers with no luck. Her older children, Amber,11, and Alessa, 6, didn't have these issues with eczema so this was all new.

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Stacy was upset to see Acer making himself bleed when he scratched at his skin yet still nothing worked. Acer's eczema was worst on his legs, chest, and feet. Wherever it appeared on his body that skin was almost completely red and scabbed over.

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At the same time, 25-year-old Michelle Patton's son Carter was having the same problems with eczema and his skin. She says, "Carter used to wake up screaming in the night in pain. It was worse on his knees and uncontrollable." Their pediatrician also prescribed steroids. Michelle had to stop administering them after five days because steroids can thin the skin and Carter wasn't seeing any results.

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Carter also had red, splotchy, irritated skin that would bleed when he scratched at it. Michelle detailed that Carter would wake up in the middle of the night screaming and crying in pain. Both boys were miserable and something had to be done.

As a mom, you'll never give up trying to help your child so they went through many products and were getting desperate. Their grandfather saved the day when he suggested to Stacy that she try Baby Kingdom Body Cream. He had read about it and saw some good reviews.

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The United Kingdom based brand specializes in luxury shampoo, powder, creams, diaper cream and washes for babies. Their products are made for sensitive skin, are vegan-friendly, hypoallergenic, and 98% free from sulfates. These products will cost you a bit more than your average product, but the glowing reviews assure you its all worth it.

Their body cream worked wonders on Acer's skin first. Stacey applied Baby Kingdom Body Cream on him and within 24 hours his skin was clearing.

She was astonished something had worked so quickly and called it "magic." Her sister Michelle tried it next and had the same results. Now the sisters want to spread the word about The Baby Kingdom Collection and their products. This

Eczema is a common skin condition that occurs more often in babies and children but can happen at any age. The skin becomes red, itchy, dry, and irritated. This happens when the skin isn't healthy enough to retain moisture and fight bacteria. It's caused by certain genes and environmental factors.

Now that Acer and Carter have clear skin they're much happier babies. Not to mention their moms are relieved that their sons are now pain free. They want any parent whose baby is suffering from eczema to try Baby Kingdom products. If your child is suffering from eczema there is no harm in trying Baby Kingdom body cream to restore moisture in their skin




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