Exclusive: The Laally Bridge May Be The Cure All Breastfeeding Tool

When it comes to breastfeeding their babies, women either take to it seamlessly or it's a surprising struggle. The struggle can be a small hiccup cured with practice or it can be a devastating months-long problem that ends in defeat. For moms that choose to breastfeed, this can be devastating.

Most problems come from either the baby having issues latching resulting in mom having a low supply, or mom isn't breastfeeding enough or mom simply has a low supply just because. Breastfeeding works by supply and demand. The more your baby properly latches and stimulates your milk, your body (should) produce more. But this doesn't always happen.

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There are some lactation aids currently on the market as well as nipple shields or supplements available that may help your body produce more milk. Nipple shields are supposed to help babies get a proper latch and fenugreek is commonly known to help women produce more breastmilk. Plus, ever heard of lactation cookies and mother's milk tea? But what do you do after you try everything and nothing works?

That's where the Laally Bridge comes in. The name in itself is telling. Named for being an ally that bridges the gap between successful breastfeeding and failure, the Laally Bridge was created by husband and wife team Kate and Max Spivak.

The Bridge is made with a nipple shield, tubing, and a syringe. The Spivak's were able to configure these items in a way that would feed pumped milk, or formula, to mom's nipple through the tube. The built-in shield allows baby to eat while getting milk which helps stimulate breast milk naturally while helping your baby learn to latch.

It sounds like a simple invention but Kate and Max had to buy a lot of nipple shields, tubing, and syringes to figure it out. It must have been a weird trip to the store that day. Then, they put them together in hundreds of different ways to create the most perfect breastfeeding aid.

The couple both have backgrounds in the medical realm. Kate works as a physician assistant (PA) who also runs a lactation consulting business. Max is a healthcare consultant and helps to run Kate's lactation company. They met at a pharmacy while Kate was working there to earn credits for PA school and Max was the manager.

It turns out they had a few things in common. Both immigrated to the U.S from Russia as children and settled in Brooklyn, New York. Together, they have two children, Allison and Matthew. We had the chance to interview the couple about Laally and the potential they think it has.

Despite advising others how to breastfeed, Kate found herself struggling after the birth of her second child. He was, unfortunately, hospitalized days after birth causing Kate to have a supply issue since she was unable to breastfeed on demand at that time. Her breastfeeding suffered when they both returned home. She developed the Laally Bridge to help stimulate her breastmilk and save her supply.

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This is the only product on the market that lets women do this alone. Similar products are very hard to use one-handed, let alone while holding a baby. Kate serves as Laally's CEO and the face of the company. Their prototype was tested on their youngest child and many of their promotional photos came from her actually breastfeeding him. Max takes care of the behind the scenes stuff like finances and marketing as well as supporting his wife in any way he can.

Laally just launched this past April and they've already sold 600 Bridge units. The feedback has been great too. If Laally can create an easy environment for babies to learn how to latch to a nipple and help moms produce more milk it will be a hit!

Babies are born prematurely and are simply unable to latch properly. Others may have undiagnosed tongue ties or just need a little extra help. Moms may be breastfeeding constantly but not producing enough. They could be supplementing with formula causing their supply to take a hit without even realizing it. Or maybe mom had to return to work early and is having a hard time keeping up.

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Whatever the problem, it's worth trying the Laally Bridge. It's available for $29.99 on the Laally website.

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