Exclusive: Whoa Baby! It Costs How Much To Give Birth??

The costs of having a baby truly never ends and one of the biggest one-time expenses is the day you give birth. The United States boasts an embarrassingly high average price for a basic delivery at $10,800. That doesn't include prenatal care and the possibility of needing extra care or medicine during delivery.

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The cost of giving birth and delivering in the United States can be a bit problematic and is easily the most expensive part of having a baby. The cost can vary so much based on a state by state basis as well as your insurance, provider, hospital, type of birth,  and any medicine or intervention needed at birth. It's downright confusing and will not be a set number until after you bring your baby home.

Anything extra needed from an epidural to Tylenol will cost more and the cost will skyrocket if a c-section is needed. Think of it as L&D a-la-carte if you will. The more you get, the more it costs. The cost of a c-section is much pricier costing an insane $15,000.

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Alabama is currently the cheapest state to give birth in and will cost about $4,800 with insurance and $9,000 without for a normal hospital delivery. Alaska costs the most at $10,600 and $19,000 without insurance. Most insurance policies seem to cover roughly half of the large hospital bills leaving the rest up to the mom and family.

If anything goes wrong such as you need hospital bedrest, an emergency c-section, or antibitics for any reason, expect your bill to be more.

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For the average American family, the cost of L&D alone will place a financial burden and some worries. Most families don't have a savings, let alone enough savings to cover a birth plus prenatal care. The cost of having a baby is surely a reason why the US population is failing to sustain itself. 

Hospital deliveries are expensive alone but women opting for home births are also inundated with costs. They must have a midwife to help with the birth and they could choose to hire a doula as well for personal support. Neither of these are typically covered by insurance.

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The United States remains the home of one of the worst health care systems in the world. Its no secret here that residents are not on board with universal health care since it would raise their taxes. The U.S. also has an issue with big pharma making billions of dollars for themselves, the executives involved and politicians who support high medical costs.

The business of childbirth is a serious one. On such a joyous time, the last thing a mother wants to do is be worried about how she will pay for it all. A $10,000 out of pocket cost shouldn't be the norm and money should never influence one's desire to starts, or add, to their family.

Something needs to change but we don't know whereto begin. Any ideas??

How much did you pay to give birth? Did you have any extra L&D charges? What do you think of birth policies in the United States? Let us know what you think in the comments!



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