"Excuse Me Ma'am, But There Is a Lemur On Your Baby" LOL

A trip to the zoo took an unexpected turn when one furry resident decided to take a joy ride on someone's carriage. 

Mother, Angie, took her 9 month old to the zoo to get a nice and close look at the animals but never expected that her daughter would get the closest look of all. When going into the Lemur exhibit mom took her daughter, who was in her car seat, and set it on the ground. She started watching her other two kids who were nicely feeding the lemurs when she heard a stranger laugh and say "Um, ma'am, there is a lemur on your baby." 

"I was shocked, but the zookeeper assured me she was safe, so my two older daughters and I got a few laughs and we snapped some pictures," Widener said. This picture so made my day! 

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