Expecting Fathers: 12 Perks That Only Men Can Understand

You might already be thrilled about life with a pregnant partner, though it’s more likely you’re a little wary. But guess what? The next 9 months will be great - really! There are some incredible perks to being a soon-to-be father, with some that might surprise you.

Remember, it’s important to not look like you’re having too much fun, though, otherwise your partner might make life more difficult for you.

We kid, of course - life's more difficult for her, but you might even make your friends jealous. Here are 12 ways that being pregnant (that is, being with a pregnant person) totally rocks!

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12 All the Extra Drinks You Get to Down!

You and your partner might want to keep things under wraps during the beginning stages, which really just makes things more advantageous for you. Thinking of clever ways to cover up her belly or coming up with excuses for all the doctors’ visits can become a fun game.

But the best part? Downing her beer after your friend orders a round for the table - she can’t drink it and you’d rather not explain why, so it’s time to chug, my friend. And you do it in a manner as to not arouse suspicion.

Which brings us to our next point...

11 You Have a Designated Driver

It might be selfish to call your wife your personal taxi driver, but there’s no doubt about the benefits of having someone around who can’t drink. You can down the bottomless mimosas at brunch without worrying about how much you’ll need to tip your cab driver later.

Of course, there will be at least one driving trip where your partner will be, let’s say, incapacitated, and it’s then that you’ll need to take the wheel. Just make sure on that day you play a very attentive ans careful cabbie yoruself!

10 New Friends

You’d be amazed at the connections you can make and the friendships you can form when you stop and chat with some friendly strangers who want to know all the details of your due date. You may just make a friend who, like you, needs to connect with a fellow father and have someone they can share the same interests with.

9 Being Called “Dad” or “Father”

It’s gratifying to have the title of “father,” even if it feels unnecessary for now. You can now don an air of wisdom and dole out advice to your non-father friends, like you’ve been a pro dad for years. During the pregnancy months, you can start preparing your dad jokes and witticisms to stay ahead of the game.

8 Two Weeks “Vacation” (if you’re lucky)

If you have an employer who gives paternity leave, then you'll be living in the lap of luxury! Ok, maybe more a lap of dirty diapers and crying babies as well as a tired, stressed out partner.

But you know, it’s better than that 9 to 5 job where your boss and clients scream at you for no reason, right? You can’t travel far during this “vacation,” but years down the line, you’ll sure remember this unforgettable vacation.

7 Rock-A-By Baby

Pregnancy makes people sleepy. Very sleepy. You’ll become an expert power nap-taker in no time and you will learn to love these quick moments of slumber.

Soon enough you’ll feel like it’s a competition between you and your wife to see who can fit more naps into a day. Hint: she’ll win, but at least you can try. Enjoy it while it lasts, too, because that quiet, sleepy house will change soon (crying baby, remember).

6 You’re Finally Needed

You will end up spending day and night doting on your partner – and rightly so. And why not make the best of it?

You get to play butler for a few months and treat your partner like royalty (not that she’ll entirely feel like it). You might be used to your her doing everything around the house, so it could be fun to watch her squirm as you attempt to match her domestic skills (something you should be doing anyways).

Sure it’s an old-fashioned expression, but it is sometimes nice to feel like the man of the house.

5 You Get to Decorate the Nursery!

You’re going to be a father soon, which means you can finally throw out that dusty weight-lifting kit in the basement and replace it with other, more pertinent things, like toys, a crib and other such baby stuff.

That’s right - you’re growing up and this is the final proof. Here’s pro advice – make your nursery gender neutral, because today, it really doesn’t matter if pink is for girls and blue is for boys. All colors are for all children.

4 #Transformation Tuesday

You love your wife the way she is, of course, but soon enough you’ll discover new ways to love the larger version of your wife.

Hopefully your wife will love flaunting her new curves just like you’ll love watching them. Just try to keep up with everything, because the changes don’t stop after giving birth and new discoveries will be made regularly. And remember, it’s your job to make sure your wife feels beautiful and desired, wherever she happens to get bigger.

3 Getting to Netflix & Chill

So long, expensive date nights! Hello staying in - every night. You both will be so tired and pregnancy-ed out that you’ll feel no pressure to go to the club or splurge on a dinner out. There’s definitely no need to spend $20 on salmon that might be upchucked later due to morning sickness. So why not take this time to binge on a new show and order some pizza instead?

PS – When we say “chill,” we very literally mean just chilling at home.

2 Hungry, Hungry Hippos (but don’t call your partner that)

You may have heard of sympathy weight, but what you may not know is how much fun it can be. With your wife’s cravings changing by the minute and her hunger matching a sumo wrestler’s, you’ll have plenty of excuses to snack and indulge.

You may gain weight, but at least you can finally have an excuse to eat the way you did back in high school.

1 You Get to Play with Toys Again

Wee! Sure you’re growing up and taking on new responsibilities, but just look at all these shiny new toys you got from the baby shower. Yes, that is a remote-controlled car and it is as fun as it looks. You and your wife can feel like kids again trying out all these toys - or “testing” them out, for--you know--safety reasons.

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