Wellness Expert Shares Tips To Increase Fertility

It's easy to assume that you'll get pregnant right off the bat once you start trying, but that's not always the case. If you're struggling to conceive, or you just want to start on the right foot, there a variety of simple things you can do to increase your chances of getting pregnant!

Obstetricians will often give lots of practical advice on keeping charts and timing things right to achieve pregnancy. While that's absolutely important, many women don't realize that they also need to take good care of their bodies while attempting to conceive. In her book, Womancode, Alisa Vitti explains how to physically and spiritually nourish oneself to improve the chances of getting pregnant.

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Firstly, Alisa suggests certain foods to boost fertility, such as buckwheat, leafy greens, chickpeas, honey, sunflower seeds, salmon, and avocado. She also goes into detail about how particular kinds of foods should be eaten at different times during a woman's 28 days cycle to best nourish her system and set it up for a successful conception.

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Next, Alisa discusses how a stressful life can be detrimental to achieving pregnancy. When a woman burns the candle at both ends, her body won't have the energy to allow her to conceive. The same goes for a woman who gives too much to others and saves little to nothing for herself. The body is simply too exhausted. Instead, women need to cut out unnecessary commitments and avoid draining themselves. The idea is signal to the biological systems that there aren't any big threats around and so now is a good time to have a baby.

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Alisa's next piece of advice is definitely something you won't hear from a doctor. She advises women trying to conceive to engage themselves in creative work. The point is to get creative "birthing" energy flowing in the body.

Beyond these main points, Alisa also brings to our attention the high amount of toxins we are exposed to in today's world. She recommends using only natural cleaning products and eating organic foods. She even reminds us to floss and brush regularly, because bacteria caused by gingivitis enter the bloodstream and can affect fertility.

If you want to get pregnant, why not try to make these simple lifestyle adjustments! Of course, consult your doctor first to find a plan that is right for you!

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