Experts Answer: Can You Get Pregnant After Getting Tubes Tied?

One mother took to Reddit to share her experience and it begs the question, "can you get pregnant after you get your tubes tied?"

One mother went onto Reddit to ask a very important question about getting pregnant. The woman explains that she and her husband have six children. They love their children, but they are very overwhelmed and they do not want to have any more children. In order to avoid getting pregnant again, the woman got her tubes tied. The tubal ligation was successful. She told her husband that she "can't" get pregnant again, because her tubes are tied but the husband does not believe her. He refuses to have sex anymore because he is terrified that she might actually get pregnant and then they would have yet another child. The woman asks the people of Reddit to see if there is even a possibility of getting pregnant when your tubes have been tied.

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Eleanor Schwarz, MD, a women’s health researcher and professor of medicine at the University of California Davis, Sacramento, says, "pregnancies have been reported after surgical sterilization, but are rare. Most couples do not have to worry about getting pregnant if they have sex after a woman 'has her tubes tied." The American Pregnancy Association says that getting tubal ligation is a very successful way of preventing pregnancy. However, there is still a very rare chance of becoming pregnant even after the procedure. The is a one in 1,000 chance of becoming pregnant in the first year of the procedure and then there is 10 in 1,000 chance of becoming pregnant in the first five years after the procedure. If the couple does become pregnant after getting a tubal ligation there is a higher chance of the woman suffering from an ectopic pregnancy.

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Many Reddit posters agreed with Dr. Schwarz. They said that even after getting your tubes tied there is always a small chance of becoming pregnant. If you would like to make sure that you do not have another baby then they should also add another form of birth control to ensure that they do not get pregnant and Dr. Schwarz agrees. The woman should encourage her husband to get a vasectomy or wear a condom to make sure that they do not have the possibility of getting pregnant. With both having a tubal ligation as well as a vasectomy there is almost no chance of having another baby. Dr. Schwarz shares that the most effective way for the couple to avoid an unplanned pregnancy is for him to undergo a vasectomy.

The woman obviously is going to have to tell her husband that there is actually a very small chance that they could have an unplanned pregnancy. However, she can then tell they could either go the rest of their lives not having sex, or he can do something on his end. She did grow and deliver six children, so he should be able to wear a condom or get a vasectomy right? Hopefully, they are able to find a way that they can not be so afraid of having another child.

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