Experts Now Recommend That Parents Play Online Games With Kids

Internet Matters is urging parents to game online with their kids so that they may protect and guide them better in the online space. Many parents are concerned with what their kids are doing online, yet not all are aware of exactly what they do when they play games. In order to teach proper online behaviour, parents need to know what gaming online means, and this may entail their participation in that world.

According to the not-for-profit group, more than three-quarters of children play video games online. Unlike apps that are played on mobile devices, online gaming involves a lot of interaction with other players. This can help with developing skills of team work and problem solving, as a lot of games offer challenges that can only be conquered through the help of others.

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The group has published new research suggesting 55% of parents worry about strangers on the internet, and over a third are unsure of who their kids are playing with online. In order to settle their concerns, Internet Matters urges parents to play online games with their kids instead of simply googling what it is. Immersion in the gaming world can give parents a more nuanced view on what their kids are doing on the internet. The group has also found that parents who regularly get involved with their children’s online activities are more likely to know how to guide their kids through issues faced online.

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While some parents believe that gaming brings nothing but bad things, 62% of those who participated in the Parenting Generation Game’s report think that playing games is a good learning experience. It teaches kids how to problem solve, work with a team, and be respectful online. That being said, there are still a lot of issues associated with gaming: stranger danger, addiction, and in-person socialization. All of these problems, however, can be avoided with a watchful parent’s eye. With parental guidance, the online gaming world can be not only fun, but also educational for kids.

Other than becoming a good guide, gaming with your kids can be a great bonding experience. You’ll be able to solve problems, get excited over new stages or upgrades, celebrate wins, and mourn losses together. Especially if you find a game that both of you enjoy, immersing yourself in the online gaming world can be a lot of fun. You’ll also have more credibility when you need to limit their game time or give advice on online interactions.

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