Experts Offer Natural Remedies To Relieve Heartburn During Pregnancy

Experts give a few ideas on how to relieve heartburn during pregnancy naturally.

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Being pregnant can be very uncomfortable. There are a lot of symptoms that are associated with pregnancy that can be quite miserable. Some women get sick, others get swollen, some pregnancies bring migraines and most pregnant women are exhausted and hungry a lot. One of the most uncomfortable symptoms of pregnancy is heartburn. Heartburn can become painful and can affect your sleep and your daily comfort level. Many women have complained that their heartburn gets so bad that they get sick and throw up. There are some over the counter options for pregnant women including Tums, Pepcid, and Zantac but often women don't like taking medications during pregnancy and want to find a more natural remedy for their symptoms. Especially now that there is news that Zantac had to be recalled.

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Experts have some natural remedies for people who are suffering from heartburn during pregnancy. Heartburn is so common in pregnancy because the uterus is pushing against your stomach and causing the acid to push back up through the esophagus. As the baby gets bigger than the stomach will be pushed harder and your heartburn and acid reflux is likely to get worse. Some women say that their heartburn has some relief once the baby "drops" but it is still very uncomfortable.


The first tip that the experts are advising is a change in diet. They advise pregnant women to eat smaller and more frequent meals. They need to avoid foods such as greasy and spicy foods, tomatoes, coffee, soda, and chocolate. To help it is encouraged that women include raw almonds into their diet. Women should eat slowly and also not drink during meals. Experts suggest that women should not eat right before bed and they should sleep at an elevated angle. Experts also suggest that pregnant women should consider taking a calcium-magnesium liquid supplement.

Whether you are pregnant or not pregnant it is always best to first exhaust all of your natural remedy options before turning toward over the counter medications or prescriptions. If you have gone through all of the at-home natural options then you can consult with your doctor to see what the best option is for you and your baby. Never start taking a medication without making sure that it is safe during pregnancy.

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