Experts Say New Moms Should Be Given 'Baby Boxes' For Safe Sleeping

Putting a newborn baby to sleep in a box might sound like a crazy idea but apparently, it might be the best thing for them.

Anyone who has a baby, or those who are perhaps thinking about adding to their family, might be wondering about the best place to put an infant at night or when it is time for a nap. A crib is probably the best choice, right? Or maybe some may want to have their babies sleep with them, and believe it or not some parents let their babies sleep on the sofa.

What if we told you that none of the above were the best possible spots for a baby to sleep, not even a crib? In Finland, mothers are being given something called a "baby box" when they give birth. It's exactly what it sounds like. A box filled with things that will help new parents take care of their babies. However, that also includes the box itself.


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New moms are encouraged to use the box for their baby to sleep in, and according to the BBC, experts in the United Kingdom think that they might be onto something. So much so, that baby boxes are now becoming commonplace across large parts of Scotland and England. Some babies may be sharing a sleeping space with parents who drink, smoke, or even take drugs, so having somewhere that is guaranteed to be 100% free of those concerns is essential.

"Baby boxes may reduce unsafe co-sleeping or babies sleeping in an inappropriate place," explained Gill Walton, the chief executive and general secretary of the General College of Midwives. While it has been suggested that the idea may even reduce the risk of cot deaths in infants, Walton did make it clear that at this time, there is no hard evidence to support that. Still, there are some clear advantages to the baby box idea even without that added incentive.

While most of you reading this probably don't set your newborns down on the sofa for a nap, at least not unattended, it's hard to argue that the baby box isn't a good idea. It keeps your baby safe, is one place in the house that is meant for him or her and no one or nothing else, and it is cost effective. Finland has been using the system for decades, the UK has caught on, and it likely won't be long until the rest of the world follows suit, especially in developing countries where more expensive sleeping setups are simply not an option.

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