Extravagant Airplane Gender Reveal Turned The Texas Sky Pink

One couple took their gender reveal to the next level by flying a plane filled with colored dye over their friends and family.

Gender reveal parties have recently become a trend and are a special way to celebrate the arrival of a new baby. Finding out if they're expecting a boy or a girl is very exciting for many families and these parties include everyone and reveal the gender in fun ways! We’re always so surprised by the creativity we see. One couple took the uniqueness level up a notch by doing something we’ve never seen before: A gender reveal in the sky!

They arranged to have a plane drop dyed water, either pink or blue, for their big reveal. Lucky for Brad, his good friend, David Sykes, just so happens to be an aerial crop duster so he was well accustomed to flying planes and dropping water.  After their 20-week ultrasound, they were given an envelope containing the gender, which they promptly handed over to Sykes. He was then tasked with ordering the right color of dye, filling his plane, and flying over the happy couple and all their friends and family and dumping it all at the right time.

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Fox News shared this feel-good story. As the plane released a ton of pink dye into the Texas sky, everyone at the party learned that the couple is expecting a little girl! This baby will be the third child for Brad and Raechel. They have an eighteen-month-old named Brexlann and a six-year-old son named Brayson. They did a Mexican fiesta themed gender reveal for Brexlann and it was so fun, their loved ones encouraged them to do another gender reveal party for their latest addition.


Though Raechel had a feeling she was having another girl and was happy with that, not everyone shared the same enthusiasm. According to Raechel, Brayson wanted a brother. She told Fox News, “My son wasn’t so excited at the prospect of another sister. He had been praying for a brother I’m sure.” Maybe next time Brayson!

The new baby is due January 22nd and will also have a name that begins with "Br". It's a small family tradition for the Reeds, with Brent, Brayson, and Brexlann. The littlest Reed will be named Brynlee Faith. It's another Reed family tradition for babies to be born in January. Brayson and Brexlann were also born in the first month of the year.

We wish the Reeds the very best with their new baby!

What did you think of their gender reveal? Did you have one of your own? If so, what did you do for the big announcement? Let us know in the comments!


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