Baby Born The Size Of A Tennis Ball Leaves The Hospital After Two Years

After a two-year battle for a little girl who was born no larger than a tennis ball, her family finally got to bring her home.

Little Poppy McSween was born at 25-weeks gestation weighing a mere 340 grams. Her mother, Hannah, 33, suffered from major pregnancy complications including intrauterine growth restriction. Baby Poppy also had no amniotic fluid left at 18-weeks gestation and her lungs weren't developing as they should.

Doctors advised Hannah to terminate the pregnancy as there was little to no chance Poppy would survive, and if she did she would suffer some pretty major complications including cerebral palsy. Hannah decided to continue on with the pregnancy because she knew in her gut that if her baby had a chance at survival, no matter how small, she should have it.

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With her husband Steve, 34, backing up her decision, Hannah reached 25-weeks pregnant before being told her baby was in danger. Baby Poppy then needed to be delivered immediately via emergency c-section.

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"When she was born," said Poppy's mom "she weighed less than a pound. She was the tiniest baby I've ever seen but as soon as I saw her I could tell she was a fighter- I knew straight away that she would battle on as I had for her."

Hannah's gut-instincts were right and Poppy fought on and started to get stronger every day. Born with a hole in her heart, Poppy was placed on a ventilator for her first two weeks of life. Day after day, check-up after check-up, Poppy continued to progress.

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Now two-years-old, Poppy is wearing size 9-12 month clothing and reaching some milestones. Hannah and her husband are so thankful they stayed hopeful and had faith that Poppy would pull through because she has turned into a wonderful, happy little girl.

Happy that they took the risk and didn't abort, Poppy's parents are excited that Poppy will get to live her life. With her now home, although they may face more challenges ahead due to her extreme prematurity, Poppy's family is excited to get settled into their new routine. Working closely with Poppy every day, her parents are encouraging both her language and physical development, making Poppy's progression towards a normal life all the more likely.

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