Viral Facebook Post Points To The Importance Of Maternal Care After Birth

Once a mother gives birth the focus shifts primarily to taking care of the needs of the newborn. And while that is extremely important, there is clearly not enough attention being paid to a mother and her health needs in some cases.

Last summer USA Today published an in-depth investigation into how many maternal deaths in the U.S could have been preventable.

Mothers not only struggle with health challenges that may arise or after birth complications that may go unnoticed when a doctor or nurse isn’t listening to their concerns carefully, but there are also the challenges of post-partum depression for a number of moms. And yet, often times the first follow up with a physician for a new mom after birth isn’t until after 6 weeks of being discharged from the hospital.

Now a mom’s post on Facebook about this very topic has gone viral. Laura Mazza took to Facebook to air out her concerns and the response has been overwhelming.



She posted on the group Mum on the Run about her birth experience. And after 12 hours of labor, she had a lot of share with the world. She shared, “A doctor entered my room and asked “how many feeds has he had?” While I wiped my tears because I was struggling.”

After talking with other moms and about their experiences she noticed a common thread. There was barely any focus on the moms when doctors came in to ask questions about how the baby was doing.

The mother of three imparting some advice everyone should hear, from the mother about to give birth, the medical staff ready to take care of her, and the family around her. She wrote “When a baby is born, so is a mother. So ask us too, and ask us often, “is everything okay?” Maybe she will say she’s fine, maybe she won’t. But don’t stop asking,”

If you've recently given birth and you're feeling yourself struggle physically or emotionally please call your health care provider and tell them something is not right.  Find someone to talk to about it and get the help you deserve.

Her post has been liked by thousands and shared by more than 800 people already. If you’d like to read it in full, you can find it here.

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