10 Fairy Tale Inspired Baby Names For A Happily Ever After

Almost everyone wants to have that happily ever after fairy tale feeling at least once in their life. So, when parents are expecting a little guy or baby girl why not give him or her a fairy tale inspired baby name that can almost guarantee you a happily ever after? Baby’s are precious miracles, but they also come with a lot of curiosity. So, if a child is ever curious about what inspired their first or middle name, mom and dad are going to have a wonderful story – that may even have an excellent visual aid – to tell and possibly show them!

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10 Elsa

Elsa is inspired by Queen Elsa of Arendelle from the hit 2013 Disney movie Frozen. Elsa is such an adorable name for a baby girl. In 2014, just one year after the movie came out, the name Elsa reached a record high in popularity with 1,140 babies who were given this as their first name in the United States in that single year alone, according to Names.org. Elsa is also the shortened form of the popular name Elisabeth. Names.org reports that Elsa means “frosty weather.”

9 Kai

Kai is an inspired name by the Hans Christian Anderson 1844 original fairy tale The Snow Queen. In this story, Kai is a little boy who befriends a girl named Gerda and the duo encounters the evil villain Snow Queen, according to Fairytale.fandom.com. Kai is such a lovely and popular gender-neutral name. However, it is more commonly given to boys. It is so popular that it is at number 57 on the Modern Boy Names list and number 127 on the Gender-Neutral Names list, according to Names.org.

8 Aurora

Aurora is a gorgeous name that you could choose to give your daughter. It is inspired by the 1959 Disney fairy tale Sleeping Beauty. Aurora is the Princess and main character of this family favorite classic. Wouldn’t it be the perfect name for your little princess? We think so! Aurora is so popular right now that in 2017 in the United States there were 4,573 babies who were given this as their first name in that single year, according to Names.org.

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As reported by Names.org, Aurora is at number two on the Names Inspired by Roman Myths list, number 66 on the Vintage Girl Names list, number 1 on the Girl Names Unique to Alaska list, and number 14 on the Girl Names Unique to New Mexico list. Based on those ranked lists, you can tell just how popular the name Aurora is!

7 Sebastian

Sebastian is the fun yet serious crab and “advisor” of King Triton and the babysitter-like figure to Triton’s beautiful and curious daughter Ariel in the 1989 family-oriented classic Disney movie The Little Mermaid, according to Disney.fandom.com. Sebastian is a fairy tale inspired name for a baby boy. It is also very popular with 10,276 babies who were given this name in 2016 in the United States, as reported by Names.org. It made its way onto four different popularity lists; it’s at number 43 on the Boy Names of the 2010s list, number 20 on the Modern Boy Names list, number 1 on the Boy Names Unique to Florida list, and number 8 on the Boy Names Unique to Nevada list, as stated by Names.org.

6 Jasmine

Jasmine is the gorgeous and stunning Princess and love interest of Aladdin from the 1992 Disney fairy tale Aladdin. The name Jasmine became extremely popular in 1993 in the United States; just one year after the film came out. In 1993 there was a grand total of 12,060 babies born who were given this lovely name, according to Names.org. The meaning of the name Jasmine is “Gift of God,” as reported by Names.org.

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Another spelling variation would be Jazmine. The “z” in place of the “s” makes the name a bit more unique and gives it some flair.

5 Eric

Eric is the charming and handsome prince who heroicly saves Ariel in the 1989 Disney fairy tale The Little Mermaid. Eric fell head over heels for the beautiful, red-headed mermaid in this movie! Eric is a very popular and common name for a little guy. It’s so widely used that there are about 879k babies born in the United States since 1880 who all share this same first name, according to Names.org. Eric had its most popular year back in 1970, as reported by Names.org when there were almost 24k babies born in the United States in that single year who were all named Eric!

4 Tiana

Tiana is the main character in the 2009 hit Disney movie The Princess and the Frog. In this movie, Tiana smooches a prince who has been cursed and turned into a frog causing her to turn into a frog. The name Tiana means “princess,” according to Names.org.

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Since this fairy tale inspired name has such a lovely meaning, so why not choose it for your beautiful baby girl? 1998 was the best year for the gorgeous name Tiana in the United States with a total of 1,028 babies who were born in that one single year alone, as reported by Names.org.

3 Conrad

Conrad helps to save the day in the Brothers Grimm 1815 publication of the fairy tale The Goose Girl. In The Goose Girl, this evil servent masterminds a plot to swap places with an unsuspecting princess. One day, when the lucky charm the princess’ mother had given her falls off, the evil servent decided to let her plot play out and switch clothing with the princess causing everyone else to think that she is the real princess. Conrad was the only one who knew something was not right. Conrad would make such a lovely name for any brave little guy. As reported by Names.org, Conrad mean “handsome lad.” Isn’t that such a beautiful meaning?

2 Kiara

Kiara is the fun-loving, adventurous daughter in Disney’s 1998 sequel to the hit family movie The Lion King; The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride. Kiara would be an absolutely stunning fairy tale inspired name for a baby girl. It means “dark-haired,”, “dark,” and “God’s precious gift,” according to Names.org. Kiara is at number 105 on the Unique Girl Names list, according to Names.org. Just one year after The Lion King: Simba’s Pride was released, Kiara was at its height of popularity with a grand total of 4,024 babies who were born in the United States in 1999 alone, as reported by Names.org.

1 Derek

Prince Derek is the eventual love interest of Princess Odette. A villain changes the Princess into a swan while Derek watches in the 1994 film The Swan Princess. Names.org states that the fantastic baby boys’ name Derek means “gift of God” and “People’s ruler.” The most popular year for this fairy tale inspired name dates back to when we millennials were young in 1989, according to Names.org, with a grand total of 8,362 babies who were all given the first name Derek in that single year.

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