People Are Calling Out Woman Who Faked Pregnancy To Avoid Airline Baggage Fees

In order to avoid extra baggage costs, a woman faked her pregnancy and people didn't find it amusing.

A woman was trying to save money on her travel costs. She decided that the best way to save money was by pretending to be pregnant to save money on her baggage fees. Rebecca Andrews had a few items that were not going to fit into her bags and so she grabbed all of her extra clothes and electronics and wrapped them up. She then put the wrapped items underneath her shirt to appear as if she was pregnant. She was about to get away with her pretending to be pregnant but she was caught by a flight attendant stewardess. The stewardess noticed the edge of a laptop coming from her shirt and that is when she called out Andrews about her scam.

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"I have a small frame and decided pretending to be preggo was the most believable route to a successful hack," Andrews told CNN Travel. "But in all seriousness, I think it is the laziest idea I have ever had — a woman's body can create human life, so exploiting this unique ability we have to save myself $60 was just obvious. It's quite an uncreative hack, really." This situation probably would have never made it on national news, but Andrews thought it would be a great idea to post her hack on Instagram. As expected, people didn't react the way she thought they would.

One woman wrote on the video saying, "You're tone deaf. Faking a pregnancy is disgusting. There's women out there every second of every day wishing to see 2 blue lines on a pregnancy test and you post this thinking it's funny or admirable. Grow up ffs." Many people did not think that this hack was the least bit funny and was actually quite offensive to the millions of women who can't get pregnant. Another woman said that she probably shouldn't have shared this because now pregnant women are going to be more thoroughly searched to prove that that they are pregnant. "You have just shown the world your character, upbringing and standards. Lies and dishonesty to save $60 and then call it a hack?" one commenter shared. "It's not smartness. Rather we would call it fraud or cheating."

Nobody liked how she thought faking a pregnancy to get out of the fees was funny or ethically okay. She really wanted to go viral for being hilarious and having a really popular "hack" but instead people called her out for how "wrong" this whole thing was.

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