Fall Bucket List: Five Fun Activities For New Moms And Their Infant Tagalongs

It's the end of September, which means fall is officially here! The air is crisp and the trees are in the very beginning stages of losing their leaves. This is a time people start talking about pumpkin spice, corn mazes, hay rides, Trick or Treat plans, and haunted houses. Those are all fun with older children, but what are some fun things to do when you have a very young infant in tow? Haunted houses may be too stimulating- people jumping out, screaming and the sound effects along with masks and costumes, but here are five events and activities you can easily do with an infant and still enjoy the activities of fall.

You can't do a lot with an infant, but seeing the bright colors and other sights of the festivities can be good for baby's development. Now, having a new baby doesn't mean you have to sit out (or find a sitter) during all the fall activities. Here is a short list of fun things baby can enjoy along with you and any older kids in your family.

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First on our list is hayrides! They could put sleepy babies to sleep or you can sit baby on your lap to take in all the decorations and scenery. These peaceful rides are normally on the back of a wagon or even pulled by horses and if your baby is cranky, it could put them to sleep. There are normally other families and they would love interacting with strangers.


Strap baby into a stroller or on your chest and go for a nature walk- let baby touch leaves, sticks and give baby some pretty colors to watch, fresh scents to smell and fun textures to touch.

State fairs or festivals are fun for the whole family. Let baby take part in festivities and let older babies (over 12 months) taste some of the pumpkin flavored goodies. Some booths may sell pumpkin ice cream or other soft pumpkin foods. Many fairs are starting up near the end of summer and with them come pageants for all ages, including prettiest baby pageants.

For the crafty moms and dads out there, you can try baby foot/hand pumpkin decoration. You can have your baby help you decorate a pumpkin- find nontoxic paint and stamp your baby's hands and feet on the pumpkin for a festive and personal touch to your decorations.

And finally, for a relaxing activity, try taking a train ride through the leaves. There are scenic train routes in many states, just take a day (or weekend) and let baby take in the sights with you.


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