Fall Fun Ideas For Kids

YES. You read that right. It's time to start thinking about fall, people! I know, I know - summer is still here for another two weeks. But hey, I'm a planner. Ehhh, I'll be honest. It's not about planning. I just love fall so much. I always have, this isn't some sort of new hipster-y millennial bandwagon. Ever since I was a child, fall would mean the end of summer chores and the return of school and friends. It meant the apple trees in the backyard would be ripe for the picking every day before I did my homework. It meant weather that didn't make me sweaty and uncomfortable, clearer skies for stars, and mosquitos finally dying off.

Seriously, people - what is not to love?

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Since autumn is absolutely the best season (FACT), I'm already anticipating all the fun times I'll be having with my kids. Rory is becoming so much more independent by the day, and Shep is exploding with language and new words all the time. Last year, he enjoyed some of the fall activities but was still a bit little to fully participate. This time around, I know he's going to really understand what's happening - and he's going to *LOVE* trick-or-treating! I'm brainstorming Halloween costume ideas: Rick Astley? Mayhem from Allstate? A toddler tornado?

Yeah, again. Resistance is futile.

But fall fun isn't just for basic moms like me (#PSLFANCLUB #BASICMOMS #FALLFORALL). It's also a great time to get the kids outside for some memorable family adventures.

Walk In The Forest

Sagittarius dad
Get thee to the forest! Via: Videoblocks.com

My toddler loves to take long walks - probably because he takes long walks with his grandpa on their visits. Grandpa and Shep trudge through the thick forest behind Grandpa's house, pointing out all the beauty of nature to each other. This a great sensory activity that is both calming and educational, so it wins in my book. Learn the names of different types of trees, collect acorns, name the colors of the leaves. The forest has so much to offer and is so gorgeous this time of year.

Jump In Leaf Piles

Girl With Leaf
Take all the pictures, you basic mom, you.

Classic, timeless, and fun even as an adult, too! Every older kid knows that the reward for raking all the leaves off of the yard is jumping right into the middle when you're done! Bonus: fun for all ages and pleasing to the eyes, ears, fingers, and nose. Just make sure your littlest ones aren't trying to munch the crunchy leaves!

Pick Pumpkins And Apples Together

Mom goals. Plus she dresses her husband so well.

This is one of my favorites! Probably because it makes such a great photo opportunity and it's friendly for all ages. My uncle worked on an orchard and taught me all about the different types of apples and how to check for ripeness. I'd get free tastes of cider to boot! My low-effort-mom side loves that the kiddos wear themselves out by running around in nature while I am actually harvesting healthy food for the family. Maybe you can let each child choose a pumpkin and paint them together!

Camp In The Backyard

Backyard camping is the best camping because toilets. via: https://www.familyvacationcritic.com/best-vacations-for-a-family-of-5/art/

You can't go wrong with some late night stories and songs around a campfire! Even if you can't build a campfire where you live, consider spending a night outdoors. It feels adventurous but doesn't require anyone to poop in the woods! Plus, it's the perfect weather for camping. Not too cold at night, but not so hot that everyone is miserably sticky as they sleep.

What sorts of fun fall activities are you looking forward to? I'll be getting a jump start on all my fun by going camping this weekend with my husband and babies. Tell me your favorites - and why you love fall! Twitter: @pi3sugarpi3


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