British Family Announces They Are Expecting Baby Number 22

Britain's largest family is about to grow bigger as Sue Radford, 44, expects her 22nd baby with her husband Noel, 48. After giving birth in 2018, Sue had said she didn't want any more kids, but in a recent video, they joyfully announced the news along with a picture of the baby's ultrasound.

Sue, in her YouTube vlog, was super happy as she revealed the news. And the couple happily mentioned that this time, "We don't need twins, only one." Sue is only 15 weeks through her pregnancy and hence clueless about the gender of the baby. This time she is hoping for a little boy thinking that it would even out the number to 11 of both equally since, out of 21 children, 11 of them are girls, and 10 of them are boys.

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Herself being adopted, Sue was determined to keep Chris, her first child, with her even though she was merely 14 years old when she had him in 1989. She got married when she was 18, and then Sophie was born. Their 17th child was stillborn at 23 weeks in 2014. Mr. Radford had a vasectomy when the couple were expecting their ninth baby but got it reversed so they could have more children.

They first shot to fame in 2008 when it appeared the baker and his wife were set to have a 'baker's dozen' of children, 13. Next, the show named 16 Kids And Counting, which featured the Radfords on TV, aired in 2013. And since then, the couple has appeared on (17, 18, 19 and 20) Kids And Counting.

This family lives in a ten-bedroom house which they bought in 2004 for £240,000 and depends on the bakery business, which is their primary source of income. They plan mostly free outings like walking or going to the beach and picnic to parks, etc., as trampolines or cinemas seem expensive. They have been on a vacation to Florida this year, and they are planning to visit the Netherlands next.

A minimum of seven suitcases are required for each vacation, and it is a struggle, which Mrs. Radford describes as a military operation, to pack all of her kids' clothes carefully sorted in separate bags. And not to mention the cleaning of the house - it is an arduous task with so many kids around, but its spick and span – an effort of 3 hours every day is what it takes to keep it in shape!

Sue expressed her frustration with how offers for families do not work for them since they are mostly provided for a couple with two kids. However, she is prudent in picking up various other discounts offered online and proudly beams, saying that each penny counts! They are claiming only £170 per week as child benefits and find it challenging to keep up.

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The family has lots of fans followers on social media, and they receive mixed responses.

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