Massive "Family Beds" Are Taking Co-Sleeping To The Next Level

The rumpus over co-sleeping is perpetual and although completely orthodox in many cultures around the world, the practice of co-sleeping (bed sharing with your infant, baby, or toddler, a.k.a. creating a “family bed”) is still quite controversial in the United States. However, with massive family beds taking co-sleeping to the next level, some parents may suddenly find the idea dreamy.

Advocates of co-sleeping conceive that it enhances an emotional attachment between parent and child and that overall they secure a much better sleep. The culminating downfall would inevitably have to be a lack of wiggle room - feeling cramped would make for a less than perfect sleeping arrangement. So, with massive family beds being launched on a grand scale the tight-knit family is being celebrated - quite honestly, whether they co-sleep or not.

The Ace Collection


The family bed invites colossal possibilities as it fits the family who sleeps together and/or the family who just wants to laze together. It boasts a collective space for everyone to share; be it a cozy retreat, a nest for curling up and reading, an area for pillow fighting, or a lazy afternoon nap with the dogs and kids. It may influence how family relationships are built and sustained, not unlike the dinner table - it’s as essentially meaningful.

Taylor Wells designed a family bed and it’s heavenly. The company’s new mattress, named “the Family Bed XL” is an astonishing 84” x 144” x 14”. That means that it takes up a whole 84 square feet! That could mean a tight squeeze for many people living in apartments, where the average bedroom size in America is 132 square feet. Comfort was monumental when imagining the family bed and Taylor Wells made it a reality. Their notorious mattress is crafted with cooling gels, memory foams and other amazing materials honoring both luxury and serenity.

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The mammoth idea was initially spawned for co-sleeping but Taylor Wells promptly discovered was the demand is just as impressive for the masses. They share that it proved to be a huge hit in America as any parent may have guessed, but its appeal even outshone manufacturers’ expectations - their bed sold out shortly after launch.   

The Ace Collection family size bed is 12 feet wide, almost twice the width of a typical king-size bed. It’s quite an investment, starting at about $10,000. According to Travel And Leisure, bed’s box springs retail for $1,000 at either full or half height, with the frame going for $3,000, bed skirt at $500 and headboard for another $2,250 to $3,250 depending on the design. The mattress then sells for $3,000 to $5,000. Taylor Well’s Family Bed also comes with a sizable price tag. Both manufacturing giants, now synonymous with the value of family luxury.

Hello Ivory Rose

Despite the zen practice of co-sleeping indicative of attachment parenting - it’s often a struggle. Furthermore, the smaller the bed, the more dangerous. Although any bed has many safety risks for baby - family beds essentially allow for more comfort and movement if co-sleeping is your baby. Of course, speak with your pediatrician first to determine the best sleeping plan for your family. 

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