Family Of Father Of Baby Born To Cheerleader Accused Of Murder Plans Candlelight Vigil

Trigger: Mention of child death.

With Brooke Skylar Richardson having been handed her verdict and sentence for the death of her newborn daughter, this case has been considered closed by the justice system. Whether you think she's a cold-blooded murderer or a young person who simply made a terrible mistake, the fact remains the same- the case is finally over. Regardless of you agree or disagree with Richardson's verdict and/or sentence, she still has to live with her actions for the rest of her life.

Meanwhile, the baby girl's father, Trey Johnson, and his family are left to grieve the loss of this newborn baby named Annabelle. But they aren't going to act like her death never happened in the first place. Instead, the family is going to hold a public candlelight vigil to celebrate the short life of Trey and Brooke's child.

"It is open to everyone, because we know we aren’t the only ones who are feeling her loss and needing to start the healing process. I’m hoping that together we can all start that, we have to start somewhere. And I think this will be a good starting place," said Tracy Johnson, Trey's mother.

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The candlelight vigil is known on Facebook as "Candlelight vigil for Baby Johnson/Baby Carlisle". It will take place tomorrow at the Chautauqua Community Center, 23 Entrance Rd. in Miamisburg, Ohio from 7PM to 9PM local time. Ribbons will be available in pink to represent Annabelle, and yellow to represent Trey's favourite colour. Candles will also be available for guests. People unable to attend the candlelight vigil can instead send cards over to P.O. Box 751042, Dayton, Ohio 45475.

"The Johnson family would like to take this opportunity to come together with the Carlisle and surrounding communities, friends, family, supporters and everyone who has worked and invested their time, heart and souls for our family and to say thank you and start the healing process with a candlelight vigil," read the Facebook event's description.

As for the Johnson family, Tracy has said that she and Trey are "coping the only way we can, one day at a time. Right now we are focusing on the vigil and preparing for it."

It's clear that Brooke's terrible actions to baby Annabelle have left deep wounds on not just her family, but also Trey and his family. Perhaps this candlelight vigil will help provide them Johnson family with some closure. Our thoughts are with them, as well as with little Annabelle.

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