Famous Moms Who 'Snapped Back' Right After Giving Birth

The pressure to lose weight that was gained during pregnancy is more intense than ever. Mothers have always been expected to return to their pre-pregnancy weight after giving birth, but society used to be more gentle with their expectations. Celebrity moms face even higher expectations.

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With acting roles and concert appearances on the line, famous moms are required to get back into shape much faster than their non-famous counterparts. This list is dedicated to 10 celebrity mommies who did what they had to do and "snapped back" into shape, in the first few weeks or months after birth.

10 Heidi Klum

Supermodel Heidi Klum was back on the runway a mere five weeks after going into labor with her fourth child back in 2009. Most mothers aren't even fully healed yet until the six-week point, but Klum had already been pumping the iron for weeks.

The show that demanded such a swift body transformation was the 2009 Victoria Secret's Fashion show. Heidi mostly relied on a personal trainer, who had her running on the treadmill and walking up and down the driveway, to drop her baby weight.

9 Kenya Moore

Kenya Moore, a reality star and former Miss USA winner, had her first child when she was in her mid-forties. It's harder to conceive naturally at that age, so she went the IVF route. Her first child, Brooklyn Daly, was born in November 2018. Just a few weeks later, Kenya was flaunting her slimmer figure on Instagram. She posted herself in workout gear and included the hashtag, #TheSnapBackIsReal. Kenya also mentioned that she had not yet worked out, so she might just have good genes to thank for her weight loss.

8 Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow is an Academy Award-winning actress and health enthusiast. When she's not gracing the big screen, she's sharing her health and fitness advice on Goop. If anyone knows how to drop baby weight fast, it's her.

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The actress gave birth to her second child in 2006, and while she had a difficult time dropping her baby weight her dedication to getting back into shape paid off. In no time, she was back to her old self, thanks to eating healthy and working with a personal trainer.

7 Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey gained over 70 pounds when she was pregnant with her twins, Monroe and Morracan. She also put on a considerable amount of water weight. It wasn't long before she'd shed it all, plus more.

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Part of Mariah's success comes from her spokesperson deal with Jenny Craig, a popular weight loss service. Six months after giving birth, Mariah was back to her pre-pregnancy weight.

6 Beyoncé

Beyonce revealed in a Netflix documentary that she first took her time to lose the weight she gained when pregnant with her twins, Rumi and Sir Carter. She'd had a difficult pregnancy, and felt the need to give her body time to recover. Six months later, she started to prepare for her 2018 Coachella performance. This meant dance rehearsals all day and Soul Cycle at night to shed her extra weight. On top of that, Beyoncé also went vegan and cut out carbs and alcohol. Her extreme diet paid off because she turned many heads with her post-baby body.

5 Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny Frankel is a reality star and former talk show host. She caused quite a bit of controversy in 2010 when she posed in a teeny bikini on only three weeks after giving birth. Bethenny looked absolutely amazing and you couldn't even tell she'd just given birth.

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While some people praised Bethenny for her transformation, some did question whether or not she was setting healthy standards for other women. Yoga and healthy eating were the secrets to her success.

4 Cardi B

Cardi B gave birth to her first child Kulture last year. Six months later, she was flashing her washboard abs on Instagram. The Brooklyn rapper went a different route than some of the other celeb moms on the list.

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Instead of just relying on dieting and exercise, Cardi also had some extra help by ways of liposuction. Many people applauded Cardi for being honest about how she achieved her post-baby body and doing what she thought was best for her.

3 Jordin Sparks

Jordin Sparks gave birth to her first child in May 2018. Three days later, she was gracing red carpets with her presence. Not three weeks. Three days! The then-28-year-old looked absolutely amazing in a multi-colored dress at the premiere of her movie, Show Dogs.

Jordin has always sported a killer curvy figure, and three days after giving birth, she looked almost the way she did before. Most people were quick to celebrate Jordin for not allowing motherhood to stop her from doing things that were important her. There were also some that felt that three days was too early for a new bother to be out on a red carpet, proving that you really can't please 'em all.

2 Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba has been body goals since her Dark Angel days. She had her first child in 2008. Today, she has three kids, but it was her rapid weight loss after the birth of her second child that was truly impressive. Jessica's signature abs were back just three months after giving birth. Jessica was photographed by paparazzi while on vacation. If we hadn't seen the baby bump just a few months earlier, we wouldn't have believed she'd ever been pregnant at all.

1 Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian went the surrogate rout for her two youngest kids, but she carried her oldest, North and Saint West. Both pregnancies where physically and emotionally taxing on kip.It didn't help when people honed in on the weight she gained, both times.

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Each time, Kim blew her haters away when she revealed her post-baby body to the world. The biggest reveal came after she had her son, Saint. She'd gained 70 pounds during her pregnancy, but she dropped it all just a couple of months later by doing things "the old fashioned way."

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