10 Fancy Baby Names That Are Elegant And Understated

The name you give your little one is important, it's something they will have throughout their whole life and will be how they identify by. You want to make sure that you give your baby a name they are going to love and not one that is just part of a popular trend. But how do we find a name that they will love?

A great way is to look at the past for fancy and elegant names that will let them be able to grow into. Keep reading to discover ten fancy baby names that are elegant and understated that you could use for your baby!

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10 Sebastian

Sebastian is a fancy name that is very understated. Sebastian is a name that many parents overlook and end up going with a simpler and more common name. Sebastian is a name that when people hear it they will not forget it and it will keep repeating in their ear.

This is the name that parents give to their son who will be someone that everyone wants to know. So let your son stand out with a name he will be happy to have and give him the name Sebastian.

9 Eloise

When choosing a name for your daughter you want one that is going to be something they can grow into and still sound good when they are an adult, and the name Eloise is perfect for any little girl.

According to Names.org, the name Eloise means kind, and selecting this name for your child can encourage them to live a kind life and not to do harm to people and creatures. This can make your little one compassionate and help influence her life like becoming a doctor or veterinarian. Give your daughter a name that is elegant and meaningful with the name Eloise.

8 Prescott


There are some names out there that just sound fancy and prestigious. One of those names that is very understated is the name, Prescott. Names.org reports that this name has always been understated with not too many parents choosing this name over the years.

Though this name is not popular it is a name that parents are going to wish they used after they heard it. Add Prescott to your possible names list and you will start to see that you cannot stop thinking of your little one having this name!

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7 Rosalind

A charming name that can suit any little girl is the name, Rosalind. Rosalind is a name that has a sweet tone to it making it one that sounds great to our ears. When you are selecting a name for your baby you need to think of a name that you like, but it also sounds good because you do not want to give your baby a name that people hate to hear.

The name Rosalind is not just a sweet-sounding name, but also one that when you close your eyes it can take you to a peaceful place. Make sure to bring up the name Rosalind when discussing names with your partner.

6 Atticus


A name that everyone has heard before that you should consider for your son is the name Atticus. The name Atticus is best known for being used in the book, “To Kill A Mockingbird.”

The character Atticus Finch was a genuine man who stood up for people who needed his help. Naming your son Atticus can be a memento for him to stand up for the greater good and to be a voice for those who do not have one. Talk to your partner about naming your son Atticus.

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5 Penelope

Penelope is a name that demands the room since it is a strong, elegant name that many people do not use often. The name Penelope should not be overlooked though since it is a gorgeous name that people love.

We know that if you give your daughter a strong name it will encourage her to be her own person growing up and not just go with what everyone else is doing. Don’t be afraid of giving your daughter a strong name to encourage a strong personality and give her the name Penelope.

4 Harrison

If you are looking for a name that will fit your son at any stage of his life then you want to think about the name Harrison. Harrison is a name that sounds like someone who has lived a long and adventurous life. And can encourage your son to do what he wants and travel where he dreams of going.

The best part is that you can call your son Harrison or use the nickname Harry for them growing up. So choose a diverse name for your son and give him the name Harrison.

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3 Florence

Florence is a great name to inspire your daughter to live a great life. Not only is this a beautiful name, it is a beautiful town in Italy. Florence, Italy, is an iconic town in Italy that is known for the great hospitality and lively people that live there and visit.

Naming your daughter Florence can inspire your daughter to live a colorful life that others want to be apart of. And every parent wants their child to live an amazing life. Name your daughter after a lively city and give her the name Florence.

2 Cornelius

Cornelius is a name that is not heard often when parents are going through potential names for their son. This name is fancy and can scare some parents off when looking at this name. But you want to name your son for a life you want them to live and the person to grow into.

So why not go with a different name than the ones you hear every day? According to Names.org, the name Cornelius has never been that popular among parents. But don’t let that stop you from choosing this name for your son.

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1 Anastasia

One of the most elegant names for baby girls that go underused every year is the name, Anastasia. Anastasia is just a name that screams elegant, and we know any girl would love to grow up with a name like this.

We know that a name this beautiful is going to inspire your daughter to grow up beautiful on the inside and live a life that she will be happy to look back at. So make sure to talk to your partner about the name Anastasia for your daughter.

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