Fans Accuse Katie Price Of Buying Her Kids’ Affection

Katie Prices's ex-husband, Kieran Hayler, accuses Price that she is trying to buy their kids' lvoe and affection.

Katie Price has five children. She had her first children with her ex Dwight York. Her first child, Harvey, was born in 2002. York has shown no interest in being part of Harvey's life and so she has full custody of Harvey. Harvey was born with blindness and Prader-Willi syndrome, and he is also on the autistic spectrum. A symptom of Prader is being constantly hungry and therefore many people who have this disease struggle with obesity and diabetes. Price has recently come out saying that she had to finally put him in a home where he would receive the care that he needs. Price has two children with Peter Andre. Their son, Prince Andre, was born in 2005. Price and Peter went onto have a daughter in 2007 that they named Princess Tiaamii. Price and Peter split up and she got married to her third husband, Kieran Hayler. Together they had Jett Hayler in 2013. And finally, she had her daughter Bunny in 2014. In a recent interview, Price even hinted having another baby.

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Price's ex-Hayler, father of Jett and Bunny, do not particularly get along with Katie Price. He isn't afraid to share his feelings about his ex and her type of parenting style. In a recent post, Hayler shared that he didn't like the way Price tries to buy their love. He shared that the kids won't remember what you bought them, they will remember who was there. He pointed out that love is the most important thing in parenthood. He wrote: “A child is going to remember who was there, not what you spent on them. Kids outgrow toys and outfits, but they never outgrow time and love.”


Although they are supposed to split the parenting duties, Hayler has shared that he has spent a lot more time with the kids than she has. He shares that she has been focused on other things such as rehab, her other children, as well as financial problems. He says that when his daughters go to see their mom it is always weird when they come back because they will have brown faces from her putting make-up on them. However, they will have really dirty feet as if they never had a bath. Since he has the children for most of the time he has to be the stricter parents. She is the fun parent who doesn't have any rules and then he has to be the strict parent who has to make sure they have rules.

Hayler knows that his ex is trying to just buy her kids' love and affection. He confesses that he is the one who actually wants to make a relationship with his kids while she just wants to spoil them into loving her.

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