This Fashion Designer Solved Every Problem With Nursing Clothes

When Andrea Newberry became a mom she decided to  breastfeed her child. It was important to her that her children were a part of her life, joining her in all of her adventures as a new mom. She didn't want to slow down her busy lifestyle or get too soft. You see, Andrea's style is part punk, part rock, and 100% cool. It was impossible for her to find nursing clothing that fit her personal style. Worse yet, Andrea couldn't find anything to wear to special events like weddings that would allow her to nurse or pump. Although she was determined to keep working after having children Andrea found there were a lot of obstacles to striking a work-life balance. One of the biggest ones was finding the time comfort and privacy to pump while she was at work. To her, it felt like choosing between looking professional and polished and being able to quickly and easily pump in the office. Out of this frustration, Andrea built a ground-breaking fashion line: Leche Libre.

What Is Leche Libre Nursing Fashion?

New meaning to "nip slip". Via Kickstarter

Leche Libre literally translates to “free milk”. Andrea wanted the clothing line to evoke a sense of Independence and personal Liberty. After all, nursing in public is both a hotly-contested topic and a deeply personal choice. She also wanted to add a layer of meaning: that breastmilk is and should be free. What makes Leche Libre nursing clothing different from the rest?

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Leche Libre Has An Edgy Style

For cool moms. Via Leche Libre, Photo By Christopher Dilts

It starts with style. As a fashion designer, Andrea has a unique perspective. Her clothing looks simultaneously futuristic and deeply rooted in early 90’s punk. It’s got attitude AND class! Any woman who owns one of these looks is going to look like she belongs in the boardroom and also center stage at Lollapalooza. Part of that gritty urban attitude comes from the city of Chicago, where Andrea lives. Finally! Nursing clothing that doesn’t look like a bouquet! (Florals are great, just not for everyone!)

Functional Zippers Make These Nursing Dresses Easy To Wear

Wear Leche Libre anywhere. Via Leche Libre, Photo By Christopher Dilts

Of course, lots of clothes look cool but nursing clothes have to actually work. Leche Libre clothes are incredibly functional. Hidden and decorative zippers provide quick access to “the goods” while adding a hardcore flair. Some dresses also have a hoodie-style pocket to store any snacks, keys, or your phone. My personal favorite is the nursing sweatshirt. It’s casual, cool, and I’m pretty sure I could live in one 24/7.

They Make Pumping-Friendly Career Clothes

Perfect for drinks after work, too! Via Leche Libre, Photo By Christopher Dilts

My favorite part of Leche Libre’s fashion line is that Andrea thought of everything! The entire line could replace an entire wardrobe of “regular” clothes with super-hip nursing gear! You can find a little black dress for date night, a tunic for Saturdays, and several looks for the office. Add in the nursing sweatshirt, and you’re only missing a great pair of leggings. Maybe you should Konmari your wardrobe and replace it with the whole Leche Libre line!

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It's The First Plus-Size Nursing Clothing Line Ever

Celebrate, plus-size mamas! Via Ravishly

Don’t worry, mama! Leche Libre knows women aren’t all the same size or shape. They have a plus-size line - yes, that’s right! It’s the world’s FIRST EVER plus-size nursing line, and their Kickstarter to launch it was fully-funded. How awesome! Plus-size moms get access to the same cool style and functionality of the original Leche Libre line.

Leche Libre’s mission is to empower women to confidently breastfeed wherever they choose. Andrea Newberry, fashion badass, has totally achieved her mission!

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Will you pick up a Leche Libre dress? What other styles would you like to see represented in the line? Tell me on Twitter @pi3sugarpi3 with #LecheLibre.


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