Father Admits To His Resent-Filled Struggles After His Wife's Accidental Pregnancy

A man shares with Reddit that he doesn't feel love towards his son. He is resentful because he never wanted to be a father.

For the most part, when women get pregnant their husbands are excited to hear the news. Even if the baby wasn't part of the "plan" the father gets over their shocked feeling soon and become very excited to welcome a baby into their family. It is very normal for fathers to feel inadequate, or to not be ready to become parents. It is also very normal for men to not feel like they are fathers until they actually hold their children for the time. However, every once in a while you get a man who is completely resentful of his baby because his wife accidentally fell pregnant. Now, he has to take care of a human he didn't even want.

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One man explains that he went through all of the proper steps to make sure that they never had any kids. He never wanted to be a father and he was very anti-kid. He confesses that he and his wife both have a low sex drive and maybe have sex once a month. She had an IUD and he would even wear a condom sometimes. They had planned that if she ever accidentally got pregnant that they would get an abortion. He is 40 years old and they had been married for 18 years.

Even though they had done everything to prevent getting pregnant they created a little baby boy. Their son was born even though they never wanted to have a baby. He was conceived against all odds. He tried to convince his wife to have an abortion, but she never felt like that was right. She decided against it and she decided to have the little baby. He isn't mad at all about her decision, because he knows that it is "natural" to want to be a mother especially once becoming pregnant. He understood that she just wasn't capable of having an abortion.

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The man wrote that his wife has acclimated perfectly to motherhood and she has become an amazing mother. He is so proud of her. However, he feels like he is not a good father. He has realized that not only has he not acclimated well, but he doesn't want to be a father. He shares that he had planned to retire in a couple of years and he and his wife were about to go traveling. He said that he now resents his son for "ruining" his life. He will now have a teenager in his 60's instead of traveling like other people his age. He said that he looks at his son and he doesn't feel love, he just feels an overwhelming sense of responsibility.

He goes on to say that he is mentally struggling. He doesn't hate his son for it. He just didn't want this life. This wasn't the life that he planned for, hoped for, or even worked hard for. He shares that he thinks he is cute, but he just screams and screams and screams. He confesses that his son goes and goes and goes. He looks at his son and he is pulled towards him because his son looks exactly like him, but he wouldn't miss the little one if he were gone. His son is now one year old and he doesn't feel like he will ever feel the love that he is supposed to feel. He says that he wants the best for his son and he wants him to be happy, but he doesn't want to be his father.  He finishes his Reddit post by asking, "how will this ever work?"

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