Father Backs Over Three-Year-Old Daughter In Tragic Accident

A father killed his young daughter after he accidentally backed up into her.

At BabyGaga we like to share positive and happy stories. However, every once in a while we feel the need to share a story that might not have that happy of an ending. The purpose of these stories is not to make people sad and depressed, but to help encourage parents to be more vigilant and to avoid another accident like this one from occurring. It is imperative that parents are safe in vehicles while children are out of them playing. No kids should be playing on, or around, a vehicle that is on. There are no "if, and's, or buts" about this rule. One family learned this the worst way possible.

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A Texas father was getting his car prepared to leave with his two daughters. He was putting the carseats into the vehicle. However, it was extremely hot and he was becoming overheated. He turned on the car so that he could have the air conditioning on while he maneuvered the carseats into the car. While fiddling with things in the vehicle he accidentally knocked the car into reverse. Sadly, this little mistake would pose to be detrimental. The car backed up and ran over his 3-year-old daughter, Dia Nebhnani.

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Originally, the father testified that Dia was accidentally run over when his 4-year-old daughter hit the gear shift. However, after further questioning, the police actually found that the father was the reason for the car reversing. The police don't believe that he was deliberately trying to confuse the police, but that there was a problem with communication in their language barrier. It was later revealed that the father was the one to have moved the vehicle.

When the father had noticed what happened he immediately called 9-1-1 and began performing CPR. He was performing CPR when paramedics arrived and he was in complete shock. The mother, Shannon Sadeghegi, of the little girl is very upset and heartbroken. She said that "it could've been avoided.

It is extremely important that we pay attention to our children around us. The car should never be on when there are children around. The father should have never turned on the car while the kids were playing behind the vehicle. Parents need to take this story to heart and make sure that they check their surroundings before moving the car and to also make sure that children are not anywhere near a vehicle that has an engine on.

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