This Father-In-Law Made Baby's Birth More Stressful By Failing To Respect Boundaries

One father-in-law made his granddaughter's birth more stressful than it needed to be by showing up early and overstaying his welcome.

In a post on Reddit, one mother detailed the day of her daughter's birth, which was slightly tainted by a pushy grandfather. User u/hobbit1394 says, when she went into labor, her husband got a little too excited and texted the family at 4:00 a.m., making her father in law believe he was invited to come to the event. She says the original plan for the couple was to let family know when they were ready to see visitors, but her husband got a little too excited and sent out the text anyway. Now, 4:00 a.m. is a pretty early time, but the father-in-law responded quickly, and arrived at the hospital.

Miscommunications happen, and really, alone isn't too bad, however, the father-in-law couldn't take a hint and stayed at the hospital, slept on the couch (leaving the father to sleep on a wooden chair), and even tried to come into the room while the mother was still being stitched up. It didn't stop there, either.


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"[Father-in-law] stays out long enough for me to get presentable and start feeding DD, writes the new mother. "Then comes in and take [my daughter] from me and holds her before DH even had a chance to do so, [my husband] made a comment about this but [father-in-law] ignored it completely."

Apparently, he acted in a similar manner when her sister-in-law had her baby, so this wasn't really unexpected. Still, it's one thing to misinterpret social cues, but it seems like this eager grand-dad let his excitement get the better of him.  According to the new mother, they don't see her husband's father very often. So this could be a reason for his actions.

She admitted later that she had a talk with her husband after the situation went down about how he should have done more to reign his father in a little, but it seems like he was just overwhelmed by the birth and everything surrounding it that he didn't really notice how intrusive his dad was being.

While this whole situation sounds very frustrating, hopefully it didn't ruin the big day. Maybe next time, they should hold off on the texts to avoid another problematic guest in the future.


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