Baby Left With Office Intern & Father Complains To Boss When Intern Changes Diaper

After a father left his baby with an intern, he complained to his boss, potentially costing the young person a potential job.

In the subreddit, r/AmITheA**Hole — where Redditors read stories and decide if the poster is in the wrong — one father wanted to know if he was in the wrong after an intern changed his baby's diaper. According to him, he's the father of a two-month-old and is currently on paternity leave, yet because of his high ranking within the company he works for, he still likes to come in from time to time. He says the business is very family-oriented, so he can bring his bundle of joy into the office, and his co-workers love it. So, just like any day he has to come in, he brought his baby with him but left the little one with his assistant when the little one started crying. He gave her instructions that she can rock the baby back to sleep, or take them on a stroll around the office.

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Then, the cries stopped and the anonymous Redditor went to check with his assistant, but there was no baby in her arms. That's when he learned an intern took the little one off to a bathroom because they needed a diaper change, but our high-ranking office person was not happy about it.


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"I took my kid from her arms and told her I didn’t appreciate her walking off with my kid. Mary said my assistant asked her to hold the baby and when she did, it seemed like baby needed a diaper change so she went and did that," says the Redditor. "I told her I appreciate the sentiment but didn’t like the idea of a stranger walking off with my baby."

The father then went to his boss to tell him about the situation. He also recommended that, once her internship is up, they do not offer her a job. Now, he's wondering if he overreacted after he told his wife the story and she thought it was an overreach of his power. His response was that the intern is a stranger and his baby being in the hands of someone he didn't know made him feel uneasy.

While the post hasn't had a final decision, the comments seem to lean heavily in one direction. They say that no intern signs up for a job to change diapers and many didn't like the idea of having an assistant deal with a crying baby. It's also important to note that, if a baby needs its diaper changed, no amount of rocking will help them fall asleep.

Many users suggested at the very least apologizing to the intern, but there has not been an update on the situation since the original post.


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