Father Knits Blanket With Baby’s First Year Of Sleep Pattern Data

A new dad has knitted a blanket which represents sleep data from the first year of his son's life.

Most parents want to record and document the early stages of the child's lives in any way that they can. Thanks to smartphones and social media, that is easier to do nowadays than it ever has been before. Since almost all of us have a camera right there in our pockets, more first steps, first words, and first birthdays are being immortalized.

Some parents like to get a little more creative when it comes to documenting their children's lives, especially that first year. If you're a parent, you'll know exactly how much your child changes during those first 12 months and you won't want to forget a minute of it. A lot of moms and dads get creative, taking monthly photos of their little ones with objects that show off just how much they're growing.

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One dad has gone a step further. In fact, we would categorize what he has done as a fair few steps further. Seung Lee has knitted his son a blanket, reports The Verge. Not very newsworthy so far, but it's what the blanket represents that makes it so special. It is a visual representation of his son's sleeping patterns during the first year of his life.

Lee used the Baby Connect app to track his son's sleeping patterns from birth all the way up to his first birthday. Each grey stitch in the blanket represents six minutes of time spent awake, and each blue stitch is six minutes of time spent asleep. Every row of stitches represents an entire day in the baby's life, from 12:00 am up until 11:54 pm.

As you can see and would expect, those first couple of months are incredibly erratic. However, once the little one reached about the six-month mark, he had well and truly settled into a routine. The anomalies right at the end can be attributed to a cross-country trip the family took to celebrate their son's first birthday. Lee considered altering the timestamps but decided against it. 

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