Father Of Five Chip Gaines Admits He’s Forgotten His Kids’ Birthdays

Chip and Joanna Gaines might look like the perfect television couple- but according to the reality stars and home improvement gurus, they make the same mistakes many other parents do on a daily basis. As a matter of fact, Chip recently admitted that he forgot his son’s birthday. It’s a parenting fail he feels very embarrassed about. Chip and Joanna have five children: Drake, 14; Ella Rose, 12; Duke, 10; Emmie Kay, 9; and the latest addition to their family, 11-month-old Crew.

Speaking to People Magazine, the HGTV star says that he’s had his fair share of parenting ups and downs throughout the years. After all, balancing his family life with his professional obligations is no walk in the park, and that’s why he sometimes forgets about his children and their important milestones. That's in spite of the fact that he strives to do his best every day.

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Chip told the publication, “I made every mistake in the book with Drake and Ella both. There’s lots of stories of me leaving kids places I shouldn’t have left them. I’ve forgotten birthdays. Afterward you’re like, ‘I’m the worst person.’”

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With that being said, Chip doesn’t like to be too hard on himself. He added that mistakes help make us better people and that most of all, we learn from them. He adds that the same applies to parenting, too.

While a lot has changed in the last several years for Chip and Joanna, he says that he still remembers his early days as a father quite well. Even though raising five children is definitely a bit more of a challenge than just raising one, Chip says that he and Joanna have much more confidence now than they did as first-time parents.

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“I was a bit more adventurous than maybe your typical first-time father," he explained, "but like anyone else we were scared to death because you have no idea what you’re doing.”

Chip also said that he and Joanna, just like so many other parents out there, relied on books to help them with their parenting adventure. These days they rely more on their instincts and their now 14 years of experience as parents.

Now, as far as whether or not Chip and Joanna Gaines plan on adding a sixth child to their ever-growing family remain to be seen. For now, they are focusing on building their multiple businesses, expanding their brand and spending as much time with their five kids at home in Waco, Texas.

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